35 Ways to Celebrate Company Birthdays

35 Ways to Celebrate Company Birthdays

It’s your MD’s Birthday, Company Birthday or Special Anniversary. A perfect opportunity to reflect on what’s great about your business and share that with others. As a marketer your probably thinking of how to use this day for exactly that, promoting your business. Well same here, so we’ve put together a list of 35 ways you can do this.

  1. Email clients a thank you. A simple thanks for being connected
  2. Email subscribers something helpful. It’s a reason to communicate with your mailing list.
  3. Text customers a coupon. Text messages break through the noise and it’s a good reason to communicate with clients.
  4. Call or email prospects to discuss your limited Birthday offer. I know that this sounds like an old traditional sales tactic, but the sense of urgency works.
  5. Share the news. Create a blog post and email campaign about it. Be proud of your day.
  6. Send customers a gift card. The goal is to entice them to shop in your retail stores or online.
  7. Make customers an offer on a social media network. Think Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Google+.
  8. Tweet a series of value packed snippets. Make sure it is of value and worth retweeting, then link back to your website or offer.
  9. Create a special location-based offer. Use your app push messaging, Foursquare or other location-based services platform to get customers involved.
  10. Create a fun press release. Talk about your history and successes, maybe include a special offer.
  11. Have a sale. Who doesn’t love a sale!
  12. Give customers a gift. Send customers a promotional gift. Make sure that it’s something customers will keep around.
  13. Offer customers a virtual gift. A great B2B offering. A value-packed e-book or research document.
  14. Have a contest. Get people excited about your companies birthday. Make it easy for lots of people to participate.
  15. Serve them breakfast. Open early for a special party. Get customers powered for the day with caffeine and muffins.
  16. Let them have cake. Invite customers to your business for birthday cake.
  17. Drink to your customers. Have a post-hours party with grown-up drinks.
  18. Have a special raffle. Remember, lot’s of small winners so more people can win.
  19. Host a special event. Depending on your business, this could be a networking meeting or workshop to gather people at your office.
  20. Throw a virtual event. Take Google+ for a test drive to engage with your customers.
  21. Use QR codes and host a scavenger hunt. Get customers involved in an engaging game using QR codes.
  22. Create a full day event around your expertise. This is useful to keep people coming into your store all day.
  23. Facebook Birthday Ads. Run a Facebook campaign to promote your birthday and offer. Target those connected to your brand.
  24. Make a donation. Gift a donation to your charity of choice and publicise it.
  25. Record a Birthday video message. A video is a powerful way to say thank you and can help achieve more reach when shared on social media.
  26. Launch a new product. What better way to launch a new product than on your birthday.
  27. Launch a new website. Do it like the world is watching.
  28. Advertise in a magazine. Design a simple ad for a local publication. Showing more people your business and it’s longevity.
  29. Setup a photo board. If your company is six years old. Ask your team for pictures of when they were six and create a graphic.
  30. Hand out flyers. The flyers should list X amount of hidden gems of your region (where X is the number of years you have been in business).
  31. Pass it forward campaign. Create a rewarding, ethical or recommendation campaign to promote your birthday and ask other to pass it forward.
  32. Ask them about their journey. A great way to open up communication is to ask customers what career journey they took to get to today.
  33. Create a game. Online games can be developed cheaply or use pre-fab games with your brand. Share this with your customers and offer a prize for the 3 highest scores.
  34. Reviews. Getting reviews from customers can be hard sometimes, use your birthday as a way to ask them, in return for a treat.
  35. Cake Smash. Get a cake and your MD, tie their hands behind their back and get them to eat the cake, record and broadcast online.

We hope you find some helpful ideas from this list. We have certainly implemented a few of these this year and look forward to trying some others (cake smash) Shhh. If you have any other idea you would like to add, please leave a comment below.

Chris Nutbeen

Founder of Nuttifox and digital geek. Chris likes data proof, beautiful UX and clients with miracle allowing budgets.