4 Tools Every Graphic Designer Should Have

4 Tools Every Graphic Designer Should Have

Here at Nuttifox alongside our web development we like to focus on our creative sides! We love to take on new projects and let the creativity flow..

Here are the top 4 tools every Graphic Designer should have:

1. iMac or Macbook

iMacs and Macbook’s can be pricy but with its installed AppStore app, it allows you an option of different tools to install to your iMac or Macbook. Whilst a windows desktop may seem like the cheapest option you don’t get as much independence and freedom as the apple product. iMacs also look really smart and clean when you compare to a windows product and are becoming more and more popular within the IT and Graphic Design Industry.

2. InstaMaster 

InstaMaster is a new app that allows you to upload your images from the iMac itself. InstaMaster is great for uploading your work online and will definitely get the attention you want. Uploading your work onto this app is also a great portfolio to look back on and can build a great relationship with you and your clients. Uploading from the desktop onto the app is also cleaner and professional looking compared to taking a photo from your phone. InstaMaster is a massive favourite here at Nuttifox.

3. Photoshop

Every Graphic Designer should have this installed onto their iMac. Photoshop is used to manipulate images and objects and again this can be pretty pricy but if you are starting a business then there are many deals, packages and offers you can get online which gives you a great discount to get you and your business started!

4. Graphic Design Tablet

Graphic design tablets are great and affordable, this is a must have product! The tablet comes with a stylus pen and USB which connects to your computer. With this product you can do anything from explore the internet to drawing shapes on Photoshop. The pen allows you to use tools such as a, paintbrush, tilted brush effect and a rubber tool for mistakes. The pen and tablet is made to give you that pen to paper feel which is why this product is so popular is the Design Industry.

We love our design projects just as much as web design here at Nuttifox. We would love to hear from you and can help with any enquiries. See our design services, call or team on: 01276 409724 or start a project.

Chris Nutbeen

Founder of Nuttifox and digital geek. Chris likes data proof, beautiful UX and clients with miracle allowing budgets.

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