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About us

We build lean & agile solutions for our clients which offer insights to support growth


Our Mission is to disrupt markets with strategic thinking and innovation, paired with exceptional design and world-class technology. We help our clients achieve growth.

Why Nuttifox?

It's not easy to pick the right agency to work with. Past experiences, industry knowledge and expertise all play a part in making that decision. We ensure we are a good fit for our clients to maximise the effort and rewards for every project. We are always open and honest if you are better aligned to another agency, as we have a specific set of criteria we look for in each project.

Why do we do this? Well, once you are onboard with Nuttifox, we will strategically align your digital assets to maximise exposure and start making a loud noise in your industry, turning-heads and build traffic & conversions. Disruption of the market is the goal with our clients sitting on top.

Meet the Team

The folks working on your projects
Chris Nutbeen
Lead Developer
Vagelis Papaioannou
Lead Designer
Nigel Kearse
Darina Pozolotina
Senior Developer
Ranit Majumder
SEO Manager
Daniel Foley
Motion Designer
Garth Vickers
Cuddle Manager

The Founder

Chris Nutbeen founded Nuttifox in March 2009 after a successful career in publishing which helped craft his graphic design skills and led him to develop in-house digital products. During this time Chris had to improve existing digital products from external service providers that were poorly designed, badly coded and offered little return on investment for his employer.

When researching other local providers it became clear that many ‘agencies’ were producing websites or applications that had no consideration to the quality of the code, user experience or future growth for their client using strategy, SEO or content marketing.

Chris knew this was not good enough and Nuttifox was founded a month later to offer a real return on investment by putting clients and their businesses first and to thrive on their success.

Our focus is always on talent & skill over anything else, ensuring his team consists of real experts that deliver results.

We are successful because our clients are successful.


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We've got your back

We build relationships with our clients based on trust. With a frank & honest approach to creative, development and digital marketing. Let’s work together to make your business a success.