The People

    Investing in our people is an investment in our client’s businesses

    Our team consists of people who value a balanced lifestyle and take time to enjoy what they do. This is the balance to creating an enjoyable environment for creativity and high-quality production. We refuse to pitch for clients that keep us at arm’s length. We encourage personal projects. And we take time off with our team – to be together and learn new things.

    This makes our clients want to stay with us for a long time, and we’re proud of that. It’s a strength.  It creates beautiful relationships and a culture that enhances the work we do for our clients.

    Our Process


    We prefer to start our relationship by meeting you in person. Coffee, hopefully, a bit of lunch, and an hour or two with you will give us a good understanding of each other and the project at hand. It also enables us to follow up with a quote or a recommendation on how to proceed. This first consultation meeting is free.


    We need to understand the problem before we can begin to think about solutions. Before we jump into production, we make sure that we have understood everything correctly – and that we are coming from the right perspective to deliver a solution. Initial research, maybe some fieldwork and perhaps a workshop with you are the most common ways of getting the insights we need. Taking the time to get it right at this stage will save countless hours (and lots of money!) later in the project.


    This part is, well, production. We get the stuff done, and get it out there. Once the project goals are clear and both our teams are onboard, we begin to execute the plans we’ve agreed on – bringing craftsmanship to the table, shaping your brand’s new reality. We always insist that the results be launched in as small increments as possible, in order to collect real user feedback at an early stage.


    Is it working? This is a daunting question and agencies often avoid asking it because they are afraid of the answer. We’re not. Success comes only after continual evaluation of what works and what doesn’t. Let’s have the guts, to be honest with ourselves and be willing to quickly change tactics if that’s what it takes to achieve results.


    The best decisions are made based on insight. That’s why a good design process must loop back and forth between strategic evaluation and production. It’s called an agile process – as opposed to a more linear waterfall approach.

    Why Nuttifox?

    We know it’s a big deal to choose an agency to work with. Why should you choose Nuttifox? Well, apart from a knack for creating extraordinary results for our clients, we also like to have fun along the way – it simply enhances the work we do together. Your first talk with us is always free, full of ideas and includes decent tea or coffee.

    The Founder

    Chris Nutbeen founded Nuttifox in March 2009 after a successful career in publishing which helped craft his design skills and saw him develop in-house digital products. During this time Chris had to improve existing digital products from external service providers that were poorly designed, badly coded and offered little return on investment for his employer.

    When researching other local providers it became clear that many ‘agencies’ were producing websites or applications that had no consideration to the quality of the code, user experience design or future growth for their client through strategy, SEO or social media.

    Chris knew this was not good enough and was concerned as to what these agencies were charging for such work… a lot, as it happens. Nuttifox was founded a month later to offer an alternative, a real return on investment by putting clients and their businesses first, to thrive on their success, and that’s exactly what he did.

    Today Nuttifox remains humbly small with four in-house staff and a remote team of three, bringing our creative family to seven. Chris has always been about talent over anything else and our team consists of real experts that deliver results in their specialist fields.

    Business growth through intelligent digital experience is our motto. We are successful because our clients are successful and we continue to work closely with some of the same clients that joined us at the very beginning, nearly a decade ago.