Automation for small businesses

Automation for small businesses

Do you use Automation in your small business?

With a million things to achieve when dealing with the daily struggles of small business, most of the time important aspects get overlooked; like responding to important emails, following up on leads or prospects and generally missing the chance to pitch for a great contract or project… all because there is not enough time to grow your business.

Embrace technology and the world of Automation

Here at Nuttifox we keep our team small. This means we can reward the hard to find talented team we have and provide quality services at a far better cost than larger agencies. However it’s not without it’s problems. If we didn’t use clever systems and automation, we would have never been able to grow our business and generate those important leads in the early days.

By developing our site on a Content Management System (CMS) and integrating our Content Relationship Management (CRM) tool with a couple of other third-party systems in a beautiful synced cloud network, we have managed to communicate and filter many channels into one, allowing us to spend more time thinking and acting on behalf of our clients, whilst capitalising on new opportunities.

The heart of our success is really down to how we were able to automate our processes for communicating with prospects whilst also creating a lot more time, which allowed us to focus on delivering better work, providing a better service and higher customer satisfaction.

With many years of implementing not just websites but online solutions for small businesses, speak to our team over a coffee or tea… we also have water, about how automation can help your business.

Chris Nutbeen

Founder of Nuttifox and digital geek. Chris likes data proof, beautiful UX and clients with miracle allowing budgets.

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