The Best 3 Social Media Apps for Promotion

The Best 3 Social Media Apps for Promotion

Whether you are a Web Design Agency or an agency wanting to grow their business, millions of people use Social Media on a daily basis and is a great tool to add to your marketing strategy.

Best top 3 Social Media Apps :

1. Instagram

Instagram is a great Social Media platform that allows you to share photos and videos directly from your phone. This can also be shared over other social networking apps such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Flickr.

2. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a great start to getting connections with companies across the World. With a similar layout to Facebook, it is an easy app to navigate and build your Social Networking Profile.

3.  Periscope


Periscope is the No.1 go to app for connecting to people worldwide whether your at home, work or abroad . This brilliant app allows you to stream live where ever you are and will instantly notify your followers. People that like your video can send you love hearts and can even comment on the video. This is great for connecting with other businesses streaming live across the globe.

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