Best 50 gifts for Web Designers

Best 50 gifts for Web Designers


Being a web design agency of digital geeks, we regularly come across bits and bobs that we like to treat ourselves to. We have recently updated our list to included new awesome web designer gifts.

Web design agencies are creative places, web designers are creative people, so fun, useful creative stuff is needed in our lives and office to keep those juices flowing.

Here is a list of the Top 50 Gifts for Web Designers, that they will be blogging, tweeting and Instagramming about for months.

1. Pebble Smartstick Charger

Web Designer Gifts


Keep your web designer on the go… this lovely little device will keep their communication device powered up so you can send them many many emails.

2. Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet

Web Designer Gifts

The Boogie Board is the paperless writing revolution. Ultra light (4 oz) and thin (1/8“), one just isn’t enough. Get one for on the go, in the office and multiple places around the house – almost anywhere you’d keep memo pads or scrap paper.

3. ReMarkable Paper Tablet

Web Designer Gifts

The paper tablet for people who prefer paper. Here to replace your notebooks, sketchbooks and printouts. Paper-like reading, writing and sketching.

4. 53 Pencil

Web Designer Gifts

A wooden tech stylus with magical powers. If you own a tablet and want the best stylus on the market, this is it.

5. Nitro Concepts Gaming Chairs

Web Designer Gifts

Ultra Comfy Design with Top Quality Leather and Wheels — The designed curves and shapes enable our leather chair to perfectly position your body, making you feel extremely comfortable and fully supported, no more aches or pains when you sit on it for hours!

6. Mac Command O Doormat

Web Designer Gifts

The command to open files (geeky), now used to open doors. Oh the connection there is outstanding. I want one but the wife would hang her head in shame.

7. F***KING Strong Coffee

web designer gifts

Sometimes, you need a boost.

8. Browser Sketch Pad

web designer gifts

For web designers, this is quite possibly genius. No longer will you have to sketch out a browser template to convey the warped imaginations of your mind…it’s already done for you!

9. Creative Sleep Pillows

Web Designer Gifts

For the web designer that lives and breathes their job…you can now dream about it too! The perfect thing to distance yourself from your relationship even more so.

10. Web Designer Coffee Mug

web designer gifts

Coffee during breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon coffee, supper, and dinner? We need coffee because we know this to be true…

11. Quirky Pen Zen Bamboo

web designer gifts

It’s magnetic and comes with an array of slots to stick things in. Messy desk dwellers, this one is for you!

12. Paperwatches

web designer gifts

It’s difficult coming up with new design features for watches, so we are going to leave the creative part down to you…Paper Watch is a blank canvas, a simple digital watch made from Tyvek (a tear-resistant paper-like material). If anyone is any good at drawing skin, this could make for some incredibly geeky fun!

13. Robot Lunch Box

web designer gifts

Keep your food safe in this retro tin lunch box. Designed like a classic robot, there’s plenty of space for all of your lunch essentials; sandwiches, fruit and even that cheeky chocolate bar! Throw away the plastic bag and carry around your lunch in style! The Robot Lunch Box is a perfect gift for kids big and small.

14. Pixel Ruler

Pixel Ruler - web designer gifts

The ultimate tool for responsive screen size sketching. Heavy-duty gauge stainless steel ruler with pixel increments. Markers for mobile, tablet and widescreen (laptop) sizing.

15. Gather

Gather Desk Tidy - web designer gifts

Gather is the perfect desk tidy to keep things organised. Attachable extras and various holders mean it can be customised to you.

16. HyperPixel 4.0 – Hi-Res Display for Raspberry Pi

HyperPixel Pi Touchscreen - web designer gifts

A high-resolution, high-speed 4.0″ TFT display for your Raspberry Pi with optional capacitive multi-touch! Things just got serious cool!

17. 8bit Hands Coasters

Coaster - web designer gifts

8-bit hand coaster is handy. Prevent wet pixel ring on your table. =)

18. Website Stencil Kit

UX Stencil - web designer gifts

Brainstorm website and app ideas with ease using our precision cut Website Stencil Kit. Wireframe quickly and efficiently with the most commonly used iconography and interaction techniques.

19. Responsive Design Sketchbook

Responsive Design Book - web designer gifts

Quickly map out your responsive site with the Responsive Design Sketchbook. Inspired by “Responsive Web Design” by Ethan Marcotte, this new sketchbook has a multi-grid front page for thumbnail sketches of multiple viewports. The back page is a single blueprint page with breakpoint indicators.

20. Cosmonaut – Wide-Grip Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens


Stylus - web designer gifts

What’s a common fault for most stylus’ out there? They’re thin. Like a twig. A twig that’s expensive… Cue the Cosmonaut.

21. Pocket UX Sketchbook

UX Sketchbook - web designer gifts

This pack of 3 notebooks means you’ll have everything you need to be sure that your next great idea doesn’t slip through the cracks.

22. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Mouse - web designer gifts



The ultimate web designer mouse is the Logitech MX Master. With advanced gestural features, horizontal scroll and unique thumbwheel you can navigate through code & web tabs like a pro.

The stand out feature is that it can be connected to 3 computers and switch between them at a click of a button. This makes it highly productive. It uses a Dark Field laser sensor and can be used on high-gloss surfaces, so it will track almost anywhere.

23. Learn to code (better) with Treehouse


Learn to Code - web designer gifts

Any web designer worth their mustard must keep on learning in our fast-paced industry. A treehouse subscription is one perfect way to keep developing your skills, whether your a beginner or experienced dev.

24. Build-On Brick Mug

Mug - web designer gifts

What’s better than drinking coffee whilst building a website? Building with blocks, onto your mug, that contains said coffee. Coffee drinking bar = officially raised.

25. Walls Notebook

Walls Notebook - web designer gifts

Walls Notebook is a notebook/sketchbook that features 80 pictures of “clean” NYC walls instead of blank pages.

26. Lifta Mac Desk Organizer

Monitor Stand - web designer gifts

For the OCD web designer. Your desk never looked so tidy.

27. Dog Lamp

Dog Lamp - web designer gifts

Light your office with a simple, fun Dog Lamp! Here Boy.

28. Pantone Formula Guide

Color Bridge - web designer gifts

For the colour fanatic, look no further.

29. Phillips Hue

Hue Bulb - web designer gifts

These bulbs can tell when a project is going bad and change colour to help your mood, they even make you a coffee and book you into a spa for the afternoon…Well no, they don’t, but they do change colour, so that’s pretty cool!

30. Macbook Airfelt Sleeve

For the MAC lover who goes to sleep cuddling their plethora of devices. This one is for you.

31. Cyber Clean

Keyboard Cleaner - web designer gifts

It has been said that you can genetically produce on average 100 different types of food from what has fallen into a web designers keyboard. Ok, it hasn’t, but it will be soon. Use this funky goo to reach into the darkest corners of any keyboard so you can get back to key tapping paradise!

32. Pantone CAPSURE Color Matcher

Color Capture - web designer gifts

Another for the colour fanatic. Take a reading from any colour and be presented with it’s Pantone code. Awesome? Yes.

33. The Web Designer’s Idea Book

Web designers have to deal with cool projects and some – not so cool. Counteract the mundane with a book dedicated to inspiring. A must-have!

34. MOMA MUJI 36 Colored Pencils

They are pencils, they colour stuff, we all love them.

35. Chromecast

Chromecast - web designer gifts

The ability to stream anything from the mobile, tablet or PC to a screen/tv using Chromecast. Geeky tech love.

36. Raspberry Pi

My God, a mini computer with no case. I don’t know a web designer who doesn’t want one, or who’s not already got one.

37. Kindle

Kindle - web designer gifts

Stories are a great source of creative entertainment, but maybe your web designer friend/person is a little too ‘tech’ for a glue bound lump of tree. Kindle is the answer.

38. Oculus Rift VR

Oculus Rift - web designer gifts

Web designers need to recharge the creative juices of the mind. Let them escape to a world of Virtual Reality and they will be full of more random ideas.

39. The Portfolio Handbook

Web Designer Gift 39

Build the perfect portfolio, need we say more?!

40. Tuts Premium Membership

A hub for creativity. Add countless strings to a web designers bow with this great subscription.

41. The Smashing Book #6: New Perspectives on Web Design


It’s about time to finally make sense of all the front-end and UX madness. Meet the new Smashing Book with everything from design systems to accessible single-page apps, CSS Custom Properties, Grid, Service Workers, performance patterns, AR/VR, conversational UIs and responsive art direction.

42. Periodic Table of Typefaces

Web Designer Gift 42

It’s a periodic table of typefaces…pretty much as geeky as it gets really. Which, in turn, makes it pretty darn awesome.

43. Rechargeable USB Battery Pack

The ultimate charging friend. Even if you’re out of juice, this battery pack means you can make your own with the hand turbine power generator.

44. 3DOODLER – 3D Printing Pen

This is just awesome. What’s more awesome than awesome? Writing awesome with a pen, in 3 freakin’ D! A must have for the web designer that likes to get hands on with their warped creations.

45. HERO6 Black

Web designers don’t get out all that much. Let’s be honest folks…however, we would if we owned one of these! Document everything in glorious HD.

46. PS4 Pro

The best affordable piece of kit for the next generation in gaming (stay back fanboys!) Sony says everything you need to know, ‘This is for the Gamers’.

47. Panono

This is just geeky awesomeness. Through a the ball into any environment to capture a 360 degree view of said place. Security systems won’t know what hit them! Can we say that? Probably not. Playing in a field never looked so good! That’s better.

48. Sony short throw 4K projector


bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb whoops, just had to stop the steady stream of drool exciting my face from hitting the keyboard. Enough said.

49. MaKey MaKey

Web designers are usually geeks, lets be honest now. Geeks, like games. Geeks who like games are gamers. Gamers like playing. Turning random objects into gamepads is rediculously awesome. Playing games with said created gamepads is crazy epicness. You see the connection? In short, web designers need this.

Last & possibly the best of all…

50. Shark with a frickin laser beam

A big fear of mine is sharks, true story, despite being 60 miles from the sea which isn’t known to be exactly ‘shark heavy’…but still. Strap a laser beam onto a shark and I would probably cry then come around eventually and congratulate it for being awesome. Why does a web designer need a shark with a laserbeam attached to it’s head I don’t hear you ask? Why don’t I hear you ask? Because that’s an utterly ridiculous thing to say.

Chris Nutbeen

Founder of Nuttifox and digital geek. Chris likes data proof, beautiful UX and clients with miracle allowing budgets.

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