Exclusive Digital Funding Partnership

Are you a start-up looking for funding? Nuttifox offers a unique solution. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve helped launch many start-up brands across multiple sectors, with the insight and experience to explore, create and scale the digital aspect of any start-up.

We provide a solid foundation of skills and services for any start-up, choosing to partner with ambitious entrepreneurs to help develop and launch great products and services we believe in.

How does it work?

Instead of the usual capital funding options, we offer the following services for a percentage share of the business.

Where additional capital is required, we will create and launch a crowdfunding campaign which will then be used in part for further digital development before the return is realised, and/or further product development and marketing.

Why is this method best?

Digital investment is required for any start-up brand looking to scale. It is also the most costly aspect for any new company, so having an established digital partner not only reduces the launch cost dramatically, you also get the added value of a full digital team to help you achieve success. Furthermore, with us being a percentage holder within your company, it is in our interest to ensure everything possible is done to make it work, giving you the best possible chance of success.

What start-ups have we partnered with?

Pure Wigs Launch

Name: Pure Wigs
Owned: 30%
Launched: July 2016

Matcha Temple Store

Name: Matcha Temple
Owned: 40%
Launched: November 2017


Name: WPGO
Owned: 50%
Launched: August 2018

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