DO social media marketing, but do it right!

DO social media marketing, but do it right!

Social media is a force to be reckoned with in our current time and if ignored, you’re missing out on perhaps one of the best sources of marketing readily available.

Like most things worth while doing, social media marketing is a bit of a labour of love. Put the hours in, and if put it in correctly, you will reap the rewards from doing so. Below we have listed out a few helpful tips to try out. We must stress though that social media marketing strategies change like the wind. What works one week, potentially may not work on the next to the same degree. Hone your skills on what to look out for as the market changes, whilst not getting complacent and resistant to change, and you will always be one-step ahead of the curve.

1. Choose your marketing platforms. There are many out there, but choose the ones that fit into your lifestyle. If you can’t readily make time for social media, then it won’t happen, but at-least you stand a fighting chance if you choose the ones that can be slipped into you day-to-day goings on.

2. Be consistent. If you have a strong brand identity, then make the most of it. Set up a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account (if those are the ones you choose for instance) but set them up so they all look the same or at very least so they look as a unit. This will create a sense of familiarity to your customers when they see you pop-up all over the place. It will solidify your brand into the public eye. Having diversely set-up accounts will create confusion in your customers and could lead to lost potential sales.

3. Get a plan in place. Here is where you need to be realistic. With the uprise in smart phones this has been made a whole lot easier, as every major social media site now has it’s own app, making it easier than ever to update your fans and followers on the go. Everyone can sit down and pencil in updates for such and such at this time and on this day, but life has the tendency to get in the way. With that being said create a plan that works for you, only once you’re fine with how it’s going should you look to turn it up a notch, if needed. Set yourself easily achievable targets, say a status update on each of your chosen social media platforms. To make things even easier, use the same update. Once this becomes routine, start to increase the frequency of said posts. Trial certain things on certain platforms, start getting a little more creative. But remember, quality is key, so progress only when you’re ready to progress, as too much of a bad thing, is, well, just a whole lot of bad stuff.

4. Post engaging content. It’s not always easy trying to think up something that will make people stop and take note, but those are the times that you get recognised. Take some time over what you put out there to the world. If you don’t have anything, sit on it and come back to it later. Mix it up a bit also. Perhaps you write a text update one day. Follow that up with an image for the next, or perhaps a video related to your business, or a link to an article you’re interested in. This not only stops your page from getting repetitive, but it also stops socail media updating seeming like such a mundane task, if it’s posting things you have a true interest for.

5. Likes and followers aren’t everything. We stress this point rather a lot. In a day and age where likes and fans or followers can literally be bought from a ‘liking’ farm for cash, it’s not hard to see why having silly amounts of followers is the be all and end all. Now don’t get us wrong, have a decent amount of followers is a great thing. This shows that a lot of people value your service and what you have to say, but all we’re saying is don’t pin your hopes on it as being a reflection of your services if you don’t have thousands upon thousands.

6. Be careful what you pay for. We will be forthright in saying this is pre-dominantly targeted at Facebook, but before you go ahead and de-activate your account, allow us explain. Facebook is slowly becoming a slave to it’s own success. This, in-part, is due to the sheer scale of people who actively use it, day in, day out. It is for this very reason of having so many people actively on it at any one time that Facebook has had to implement certain algorythms to help alleviate an issue of becoming too bogged down. With any one persons average friend list reaching around the 300 mark, plus every person posting on Facebook up to 5 times a day on average, that would be a whole lot of posts to sift through in your friend group alone (1500 infact). So Facebook had to come up with something. Those that you actively engage with on Facebook will be those that you will see appear in your feed. Some of you may think this is a good thing, of course, but then you’re only being shown what you know already and nothing more, it’s from here that the issue arises. With the implementation of said feature Facebook now limits the amount of reach you posts actively have, rendering the majority of those posts you’ve spent the time and effort over pretty much useless. However you can pay to promote your posts to enable them to reach a larger audience. You can also pay for ad’s to generate more page likes etc etc. While these tools do work for the most part, it can be costly, so use them wisely. We aren’t trying to paint Facebook in a bad light, more so highlight it’s drawbacks. It is a great tool and can reward great return if used properly, just be sure to pay a little more attention to what’s actually going on.

Those are what we hope to be some helpful tips to get you on your way. Don’t live your life by what we have said, but merely learn a bit from our experience, whilst being sure to learn from your own. This post will be revised as time goes on and additional tips will be listed; as like we mentioned above, it changes like the wind!

Chris Nutbeen

Founder of Nuttifox and digital geek. Chris likes data proof, beautiful UX and clients with miracle allowing budgets.

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