Conversion rate optimisation (CRO), or conversion optimisation, is the process for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers, or more generally, takes any desired action on a webpage. It is commonly referred to as CRO.

    Conversion rate optimisation involves several different parts and includes more than just improving your website’s conversion rate. After all, conversion rates are just one metric and the CRO testing process (applied effectively) will allow you to not only increase the proportion of visitors who convert but also customer value and retention. Ultimately, a CRO strategy helps you to drive revenue and efficiency, increase market share, customer satisfaction and reduce return rates.

    The purpose of conversation rate optimisation is to develop data-driven decisions based on your customers to generate growth.

    CRO is

    • Informed by analytics and user feedback
    • Tailoring your websites specific objectives and KPIs
    • A systematic process that optimises your website to increase performance

    CRO is not

    • Informed guesswork and copying your competitors
    • About increasing the number of visitors to your website
    • A one-off process or single website redesign

    What are the benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation?

    More customers

    The most obvious and biggest advantage of CRO. Improve your conversion rate and you’ve successfully increased your number of sales, leads and customers without having to increase advertising spend.

    Make Google happy

    Googles algorithm is changing all the time so it’s difficult to assess how much weight the search engine puts on CRO, but a good CRO campaign will always support a successful SEO campaign.

    Make your customers happy

    Your customers should not have to wrestle with your website in order to make a purchase or access information. A big part of CRO is enhancing your website experience for your customers. By making changes to your online store or user journey and putting it through rigorous tests, you can create an experience which is engaging and easy to navigate.

    Gain the advantage

    If your competitors are not leveraging the benefits, they could well be soon. Enterprise level brands adopt this method regularly because they understand how cost effective it can be to improve these metrics and build new touch points for existing customers than simply increase more advertising budgets. Making your website more desirable now will give you the competitive advantage.

    Jargon Buster

    Bounce Rate

    Your bounce rate is represented as a percentage and shows the number of visitors that leave after viewing a single webpage.

    Cart Abandonment Rate

    This is when a visitor has made it to the checkout but leaves before completing their purchase.

    Time on site

    This number will show you how long a visitor stays on your website. From this, you can gauge whether they have been on long enough to be converted into a potential customer.

    Average page views

    Average page views reveal a lot of interesting information about your visitors. Low page views can highlight areas of your website that are difficult to find. However, high page views is not always a positive indicator, engagement may be high, but if your conversions are low it suggests a lack of clarity on that page.

    Call to Action

    A Call-To-Action (CTA) is a button, image or line of text that prompts visitors and customers to take action! This can be a simple Buy Now or Free Download button to encourage a conversion.

    How we test CRO

    Our A/B testing process is the method of getting data-driven decisions within your conversion rate optimisation strategy and includes the following steps:

    • Data analysis
    • Hypothesis development
    • Creating the challenger
    • A/B testing
    • Post-test analysis

    We promote good CRO advice. Because of this, we can recommend WebTrends top 10 tips for CRO optimisation.

    If you would like more advice about CRO and other aspects of digital marketing, please schedule a free consultation call with our Digital Consultants.

    Whether your Conversion Rate Optimisation goals are eCommerce sales, services lead generation or wholesale. Our research, data collection and implementation will ensure your conversion rates are optimised for success.