Facebook Live vs. Periscope

Facebook Live vs. Periscope

The battle over live streaming is on!

Well… it has been for sometime. Twitter announced the launch of it’s live streaming app Periscope in March 2015, which Apple named as the best iOS app of 2015. This proved very popular given the obvious growing trend of #socialmedia broadcasting and that other apps; Snapchat, Vine and Instagram offered restricted recording of between 6 to 60 seconds, whilst others like SocialCam, MeerKat and FireTalk although unrestricted, have not yet had their time to shine.

Next came Facebook. Announcing it was rolling out live streaming capabilities over its mobile platform in December 2015 to a small group of iOS users. This quickly grew and created a lot of buzz amongst social media influences, often referred to as Facebook Live.

So, if live streaming is the next big communication trend for 2016. How will the battle play out between Facebook Live and Periscope?

“Facebook Live will completely change the mainstream perception of live streaming upon release to all accounts an blow away all the other options in the market, Facebook picking up live streaming for the masses gives credence to the live stream movement. What marketers fail to recognise is that the majority of social media users are not up to date on the latest apps, and many want to use one app for all the features. Facebook is taking that position.” said Vincenzo M. Landino, CMO, Fifty 2 Creative.

The biggest challenge for other live streaming apps (Periscope, Meerkat, FireTalk) is that you can’t target your viewers directly. You develop your brand personality which then attracts interested views, whereas Facebook already has the infrastructure to target businesses and allows deeper access to audiences. This is backed by robust viewer analytics.

Because of the scale and usability of such apps, we believe no one will run away with the title, but Facebook Live will be the catalyst for exploding this communication form to a whole new level. Making apps like Periscope and Meerkat even more intriguing.

“The ability to talk to your Facebook following can quite possibly bring life back to many Facebook brand pages.” added Nicole Henderson, an Atlanta based PR and social media consultant.

Many agree that Periscope will not be the loser in this battle and that a handful of live streaming apps will craft a loyal following, while competing for users and average of time watched per broadcast.

Only time will tell who makes top spot on the social media lists for 2017. What we can say is #livestreaming is here to stay and with a notable shift towards video across all platforms. It is something #smallbusinesses should be implementing into their marketing strategy now.

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