Game Development: Pokémon Go Surpasses Daily Active Twitter users

Game Development: Pokémon Go Surpasses Daily Active Twitter users

We love developing mobile games at Nuttifox from our Surrey office. So hats off to Niantic Labs for pulling the game of the century out of the bag. Don’t get me wrong, We appreciate great visual aesthetics in games partnered with a great story line, but the sheer uptake of the latest Pokémon Go is phenomenal. You have to respect those numbers…

Data from SimilarWeb indicates that Pokemon Go is about to surpass Twitter in daily active users.

Whats even more amazing is Pokémon GO hasn’t even launched globally. It’s currently only officially available in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. The data gets even more mind blowing when at 48 hours after launch, Pokemon GO was installed on 5.6% of all Android devices in the United States, and is installed on more Android phones than Tinder (“Pokemon is now more popular than sex” – not official). Not only that, but on average users are spending twice the amount of time engaged with Pokemon GO than they are on apps like Snapchat. Finally Niantic Labs has actually paused their global rollout due to overwhelming demands on their servers.

These are only Android stats published from within the official launched regions. So I’m sure their is a significant number installing via an APK outside of these areas.

Pokemon as a search term has also spiked according to Google…


Of course we’ve had a sneak peak but very much waiting for the UK launch to get our geek on. In the meantime we’ll continue to create mobile and web based browser games for our Surrey clients using HTML5 & JS with Canvas. The little joys in life…

…Enjoy Pokemon Go.

Chris Nutbeen

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