Google Penguins new algorithm update in Real-Time is good news for the SEO community.

It’s been over a year since the last Penguin algorithm update and Google officially confirmed on the 23rd of September that Penguin is now a part of their core algorithm.

Penguin is Now Real-Time

This is a great benefit for the SEO community, in the past with Penguin updates you would have to wait for a manual update whilst other parts of Google’s algorithm could refresh quickly. Penguins changes will now be faster and visible with real time updates. There will be no Penguin updates from Google because there is nothing actually to update.

Penguins new update is now more Granular and Page Specific!

Google said this new Penguin algorithm is “More Granular”. This again is great news, rather than affecting the ranking of the whole site it devalues spam by adjusting ranking based on spam signals. You’ll be able to identify what part of your site is is experiencing a penalty and will be able to fix it with real time feedback during a re-crawl and reindex.

How to Build a Natural Link Profile

  1. Avoid Over Optimised Anchors
  2. Don’t do too many Rich Anchor (especially if they don’t make any sense to read)
  3. Start linking to other content assets like blogs and not the same target URL
  4. Think about seasonal trends so you can vary monthly and avoid repetitive links
  5. Avoid volume links like low quality web 2.0’s directories and networks
  6. Vary your link type, get citations, blogger outreach links, links from infographic credits
Real Time Penguin will only effect a page or part of a website which is only temporary, as you can now target your penalty and fix it. Now you can sit back and relax knowing that you won’t come into the office to see a site-wide penalty!

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