Features of the Google Search Console Update

Features of the Google Search Console Update

The purpose of the newly released Google Search Console update is to make the process of optimizing website presence easier for business owners and other users.

A strong presence on the Google Search Engine is essential for businesses to thrive, compete on the global stage, and get noticed by potential clients or customers. Virtually no one goes to the second page of search results on any search engine. Google is the most widely used engine so a strong presence there can make a big difference for a business.

The Introduction

Introducing the new Search Console has actually been done twice. It was first released to a selected group of users a few months ago so they could test it out and provide valuable feedback. Wide release is now in the beginning stages. Users can expect other updates to be added over the next twelve months.

Latest Updates

The newest Google Search Console Update affects four major functions. Job Posting and AMP reports have been enhanced to allow users to fix any errors in postings or the website URL. The index coverage status report now includes information regarding which specific pages on the site have been indexed, and which ones have not. Instructions for fixing underutilized pages are also now included so users can implement solutions instantly.

The Performance Report

Perhaps the biggest changes have been made to the performance report function. Three new features can be used to better analyze data and statistics, as well as get a better overview of website traffic. Previously, three months of data could be recalled for comparisons. With the update, as many as sixteen months of data can be compared. This can shed new light on long-term trends and projections.

Statistical information can now include video, web, and image results via extended filters. A complete understanding of all available statics data can better inform users of what attracts people to the website. This will improve future marketing efforts and website content.

Added categories to reports regarding website traffic will make a substantial difference in website presentation and success. Search type, pages viewed, devices used, search appearance, queries, and countries represented categories makes performance reports beneficial in determining current audiences and audiences to target with future campaigns.

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