Google stops Google API Feed

Google stops Google API Feed

First announced in 2007, the Google Feed API was one of Google’s first AJAX APIs. Over the years the use of the API has fallen and the API infrastructure is now over two generations old.

Google offer many other free APIs and in April 2012 they announced it would be deprecated in three years time. Although the deprecation time has elapsed and the API is still in use by some, Google have now made the curtain call for the turndown of the Google Feed API.

For the ease of transition for developers, they plan to keep the API in operation until 29th September 2016 to allow for developers to update or revise any existing code.

Statement from Google:

Google appreciates how important APIs and developer trust are and we do not take decisions like this one lightly. We remain committed to providing great services and being open and communicative about their statuses.

For those developers who use RSS as a regular part of their development, there are plenty of other commercial API alternatives to choose from.

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