Hair Salon Marketing Success

Hair Salon Marketing Success

Nuttifox have worked on many hair salon and beauty websites over the years, many of them our still clients of ours today that we work with to help grow their business. This was no accident either, Chris the Creative Director of Nuttifox grew up with his family business being a hair & beauty salon. His mother starting off sweeping hair in the 70’s before starting her own salon back in the early 80’s. This has since grown to be a very successful salon in Surrey & Hampshire: Image Group London.

With the experience of working with other Hair Salon businesses in Surrey and Hampshire we have great experience in what works to attract more customers.

1. Website

It’s old news that many hair salon websites are poor in terms of design and content. They rarely compete with the more established salon brands in Google search and if they are found do not convert visitors. Being a creative & service focused industry the perception of your brand, look, feel is very important. So a website that matches your skills and ability is paramount to achieving the right clients to visit your salon. Speak to us about your website, we offer a free website audit report.

2. Products

What is your process for selling products in-store? With every customer satisfied with their hair, it’s an easy sell to show them the product you have used to create this and let them purchase to take it home. Another option is to sell online. Many salons now provide an online shop so their clients can purchase the products they use from home. Speak to us about product placement and sales techniques for you or your staff.

3. Database

Do you have a client database or system to manage your appointments? This is your most important asset for targeting existing clients to return to your salon. You can extract and segment this list of clients for future promotions and special offers, encouraging them to think about booking another appointment. Speak to us about getting the most from your CRM, POS or client database.

4. Rebooking

Before every client leaves ask them if they would like to rebook for their next appointment, securing their booking at this early stage is much easier than tempting them once they have left. Speak to us about rebooking ideas and remarketing to existing clients.

5. Offers

Create a collection of fixed offers on certain days. Check your competitors but don’t always copy, be creative. A common mistake is to offer a big percentage discount from one particular service. All this means is people will wait to book on that day as it is cheaper and if you are already booked try somewhere else. It’s better to offer the service with a FREE extra product, or a smaller discount if they rebook on the day. Speak to us about implementing special offers and how to deliver them effectively.

6. Charges or rewards

To many salons focus on charging clients for missed appointments when they should be focusing on promoting for new business and rewarding the loyal customers they do have. Think about setting up a loyalty scheme, many of the in-salon systems support this, if not a simple card and stamp solution will do. Also consider offering free consultations for more expensive services, this allows you to explain face-to-face how it works and gives the customer more reason to book. Do not charge for consultations. Speak to us about loyalty schemes.

7. SMS reminders

This is a great way to remind clients about their upcoming appointment. Again many of the POS salon systems support this, or there are alternative solutions. From experience it can dramatically reduce clients who do not turn up for their appointments or encourages them to phone and cancel giving you opportunity to fit in a new client. Speak to us about SMS solutions.

8. Website content

As with the web today, content is king! The good news is within this industry very few local salons bother to create this type of content. The benefit is simple (as long as you have the right site), it is a free way of populating your website with keywords, securing a higher position in the search engines and attracting more visitors who can then be converted into customers. Speak to us about content creation or copywriting.

9. Newsletters

Everyone wants to receive a special offer or seasonal discount. Retain some of these offers for clients on your email list and if you don’t have an email list, get one setup. This way your asking them to part with their name and email address in return for newsletters containing special offers. Email marketing is still one of the best ways for engaging customers for the small amount it costs to implement. Speak to us about email templates or implementing a campaign.

10. Social Media

Social media is a great way to achieve brand awareness, a lot of the time simply by asking friends and relatives to promote your page. The only mistake is when companies who fail to deliver the time or content. Which ends up making the business look inactive. Social Media is also a great way to setup paid campaigns to attract a very specific audience. Speak to us about how to use social media to gain new clients.

11. Video & Google Business

With search engines putting more focus on video content, think about ways to use that for your salon. A simple video of the inside of your salon or beauty room can give the customer an insight to your premises and what you do. A lot more powerful than words alone. As a Google Partner Business Nuttifox can not only help you with promoting your Salon on Google, we also have the tools to create a street view inside your salon, allowing visitors to find you on Google and step inside to take a look. With these methods combined, you’ll attract a lot more attention. Speak to us to see how Google business can promote your salon.

12. Salon App

With platforms like AppFox, having your own salon app offer multiple ways of building and improving sales from your customers. Direct push messages are free and arrive directly on your customers phone. Features like this can be used to promote special offers or availability for empty salon seats. In-built loyalty schemes reward customers for coming back and ensure they keep the app on their phones. Features like geo-fencing allow you to setup automated messages when app customers are within radius of your defined area.

Speak to our friendly team to see how we can help your Surrey and Hampshire based Hair and Beauty Salon a success with Design, Marketing, Strategy and Web technology. Call us today on: 01276 409724

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Chris Nutbeen

Founder of Nuttifox and digital geek. Chris likes data proof, beautiful UX and clients with miracle allowing budgets.

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