inSite: Personalised Web Experiences without the price tag

inSite: Personalised Web Experiences without the price tag

Recently the inSite plugin was launched with the latest WordPress 2.4 update.

Having followed the insite development for a little while I am pleased to see this plugin reach a larger audience even though it’s in a beta phase. Nuttifox took the time to test it’s latest functions and would certainly recommend it onto our clients.

So what is inSite

inSite is automation for your website. If this happens then do that… Meaning you can offer very tailored experiences for your users directly from the plugin, and we all know the benefits of using marketing automation.

What can it really do?

A lot of what we do nowadays is not only to develop great websites, but in the process really define the user journey. A large part of this is where best to engage with the user and what the likely outcome will be to convert. Before inSite we would develop these engagements on a per project basis for the client with a slightly larger budget to cover the time in implementing them. Now many of these simpler engagements can be controlled by inSite.

Example one:

A visitor arrives on your website for the first time. Display a Contact us or Get a Quote message.

Example Two:

A visitor arrives on your website just before a special offer ends. Display a message to purchase.

Example Three:

If a visitor hits a web page for the second time. Display a personalised welcome back message.

Example Four:

If a visitor try’s to leave your website. Display a message to see if they will subscribe.

Example Five:

If the visitor is on [mobile], display a “Send Text Message” button.

See more examples of what inSite can do


inSite by Duda was built to help small business owners get better engagement with their website visitors and so far they’ve done a very good job of it. If you are interested in using this plugin to engage with your website visitors, speak to one of our team and we can help you get up and running!

Chris Nutbeen

Founder of Nuttifox and digital geek. Chris likes data proof, beautiful UX and clients with miracle allowing budgets.

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