Top 4 marketing tips you need to know!

Top 4 marketing tips you need to know!

Marketing tips you need to know!

Here are some marketing tips that will help you and your business grow when creating email campaigns. Here are the top 4 basic marketing tips!

1. Shorter the Better

It’s hard enough to get your audience to read your emails at all and no one likes to read a lot of text. By sending an email with a lot of text and images, it can overwhelm the reader and therefore gets ignored. It’s important to have powerful text that makes the reader want to know more, but don’t keep the text too short.

2. Spam keywords!

It’s important to avoid words like “buy,” “cheap,” and “money”. These keywords get thrown straight into the junk mail and most times are never seen. It’s best to leave your email campaign subtle and leave a call-to-action button for your consumers to click to where you want them to go.

3. Always test before sending

Always test your emails before sending. Here at Nuttifox we use the MailFox CRM. MailFox CRM allows you to set up email templates, campaigns, automations, forms, and deals. You can save and categories your contacts into lists which makes it easy for targeting specific consumers with your emails. The CRM is great for keeping up to date reports on your automations and campaigns. It tells you how many consumers have clicked, opened and unsubscribed and keeps track on where your consumers are from.

4. Mobile Friendly

Everyone uses their phone to access their emails for personal and business use. It’s therefore important to make your email campaigns mobile friendly! It’s important to make sure the content you are sending out reads on all devices. With MailFox CRM you can do just this by testing on a mobile device.

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