The Brief

    Was to create not only a professional brand for this award-winning independent salon but to rethink their current marketing strategy in terms of bringing in new clients. Because the salon is not high-street based and sits in a lovely private location, the main source of customers come from active campaigns and referrals. So our job was to work with these two channels to improve everything!

    Research and exploration

    Our research included reviewing the existing site analytics, competitor research and in-house booking software. A complete understanding of the companies existing technology would help us identify areas for quick wins whilst we planned much deeper automated campaigns with existing customer data.

    Visual direction

    The salon is a stunning room and we felt would make the perfect backdrop for the new website and marketing material. The small specialist team would also become part of the brand, adding a more personal feel to what is essentially a very personalised experience.

    Technical challenges

    One of the biggest issues we faced was the outdated in-house booking system. The software had not been updated for many years even though they had a support contract with their software vendor. We helped IGL to identify a new provider and consulted with them to arrange a meeting, demonstration and data migration once a decision was made. The new system was a vast improvement and would become the backbone of automation and further integration for their future marketing campaigns. Because the system was cloud-based, our team were able to set up an account to remotely access and manage the campaigns for IGL.

    We also developed a dedicated iOS and Android mobile app for IGL. This was to actively push an easy to manage loyalty scheme to increase repeat bookings and loyalty to the salon. The app would also allow IGL to send free push messages for special offers and to advertise cancellations to allow new bookings, which reduced the impact of empty seats very quickly. Because of the face-to-face nature of a salon, it was very easy to design and display posters to advertise the app and they were able to grow an active list of app users very quickly. To date, the app alone has contributed massively to the growth of bookings in the salon.

    We used Geo-location automation with the mobile app as a touch point for local users driving close the salon. This type of reminder campaign helps build relationships with the brand and works well for local targeting.

    Finally, we worked to improve the on-site and off-site SEO. Previously IGL ranked highly for a number of keywords, however as their previous website was dated and content was poor across some page, this had seen their grip on page one loosen and their rank drop over time. The new website was optimised to include the best of on-site optimisation and tested to ensure it was highly tuned for search engines. Followed by an offsite campaign over 3 months saw the rank increase steadily, which was reflected by the traffic and conversions increase through Google Analytics.


    It was important to show off IGL to their best, making their independent salon, specialist team and unique services the focus of their USP. The photography we created captured the beauty of the salon and helped set the theme for the branding.


    A new breath of life into a brand that needed a push in the right direction. With a tailored marketing strategy and in-house modern CRM & Booking system, we were able to help IGL create a strong identity as specialists in their field, whilst growing their visibility locally across all core services.


    Alex Crabbe
    Design Director

    We can now keep thousands of loyal customers up-to-date, Nuttifox provide ongoing assistance & guidance on content strategy, including the creation of promotional email content and offers, visual design and social media updates. They also help with regular site updates, including new functionality and plugin updates.

    Since working with Nuttifox we have seen a noticeable difference in new bookings, returning customers and brand perception. What’s more is that everything is tracked, so we can see real evidence of our growth and more importantly how that data helps us make decisions for future campaigns.

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