The Brief

    Knights Property Services wanted a complete redesign, including a review of the existing user experience as they found their existing site did not support their recent growth or future goals. The new website would need to be fast, secure and reliable, especially when registering new lead opportunities, which would result in higher conversions.

    Knights Property Services

    Research and exploration

    Our research included reviewing the existing site analytics and competitor research. A complete understanding of the companies estate agent software would help us realise the level of integration that could be achieved to automate the sales process with seamless usability, robust security and stability.

    Visual direction

    The research supported us in determining a new cleaner look with a focus on usability. Our decisions were informed by the need to communicate great customer service and trust in the Knights brand, whilst encouraging user engagement. After defining all elements to ensure consistency across the site, we planned how this would translate across all emails and social media accounts.

    Working with Nuttifox has been a positive experience. They took control of the project from the start and were very responsive to requests for changes. The development process was agile and nothing seemed like to much trouble. We were able to communicate directly with the development team which meant issues were tackled very quickly. The site has already had a huge impact on our business and how we've organised our sales process moving forward.


    We had to identify and solve a variety of problems to ensure the new site delivered a seamless user experience. Only then could we develop a robust system to deal with real-time property data from their estate agency software. The creation of numerous workflows meant we could automate actions based on the data from various form submissions. We also introduced a content delivery network for enhanced security and built a platform that would offer excellent performance to aid them in their ongoing search marketing.

    In many areas, we introduced Google API's to increase the usability of the site, including offering a postcode search and address finder feature to dramatically speed up data entry from potential sellers.

    Helpful features like Sold Prices allow users to get a full understanding of property values in their area when comparing prices. Pulling data from the Land Registry allowed us to create a clear, accurate list and graph to illustrate this.

    We also used Geo-location for fast local property searching and Google Map API's to show rich data such as nearby Schools, Transport links, Supermarkets and more.

    Finally, we created a feature to offer an instant online property valuation, showing the low, mid and high end of what a users property is worth. This allows us to build trust and offer a workflow that will guide the user to book a full market appraisal. This happens with one click after the instant valuation by pushing this data into a CRM via API, trigging notifications for the user and the Knights team.

    Knights Property Services


    It was essential the communication echoed the ethical nature and strong customer service ethos of the Knights Property Service's brand, as well as clearly communicating all industry information to leave few questions unanswered.

    Knights Property Services

    The result

    What was once an overly complicated, feature poor web presence now instantly communicates ease-of-use and clarity, whilst boasting a deeper feature rich strategic plan to encourage growth. Our experience working with large organisations meant Knights knew we would build a secure, reliable solution that would meet their engagement goals, whilst giving them better control over their leads to increase conversions.

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