The Brief

    Legacy Sportswear is a premium gym wear brand with a severe case of attention to detail. Our goal was to make continuous improvements to their conversions by first developing a new website, with the aim of improving their online sales and deploying new marketing campaigns, all whilst maintaining their dynamic brand style.

    Legacy Sportswear

    Visual direction

    Legacy had an established brand, so it was important that the change in visual direction was subtle, but equally showing that the brand had 'grown up' and was perceived as a go-to brand for professional gym-wear apparel.

    The previous look played on the dark, underground feel of the start-up company when it first started. Whilst this worked then to differentiate Legacy, it has become to niche for them now. So a cleaner athletic brand approach was required to further establish Legacy has a big league player, ahead of their upcoming Body Power Expo.

    When choosing an agency and speaking with Nuttifox, there was a clear distinction between their experience and processes over other similar agencies. From the very first meeting, a strategy was forming around the very goals and messages we had worked on for our brand.

    The supporting design, development & continuous marketing Nuttifox do for us is exceptional. They have been the catalyst that has helped push Legacy to where we are today.


    We introduced several new features into the store to improve conversions. Starting with their 4th-anniversary sale, we added features like a shipping countdown timer to create a sense of urgency around next day shipments. The visual text basket encourages people to buy now and push customers towards the checkout. We also created a sense of demand, by adding tags to products such as “Back in Stock”, whilst offering customers to be notified when products are available if they have been out of stock.

    The introduction of a live chat system synced with Zen Desk provided Legacy with a customisable approach to supporting customer enquiries through multiple platforms. Zen Desk now supports connected enquiries from Social Media, Live Chat and order email queries in one place.

    Legacy Sportswear


    Following the brand positioning and technical development, we were able to focus on the promotional materials to complete the brand re-alignment. We planned out a series of campaigns to launch over the next 3 months and one specifically to launch alongside their announcement at Body Power Expo, which included posters, flyers, banners, pop-cards, exhibition items & packaging. Finally, we restructured their automation and created a new email template and social media graphics, which completed the transition.

    Legacy Sportswear

    Instant results

    So, what did all this achieve? Legacy Sportswear saw a dramatic increase in sales during September 2017, one month after we started working together, with a 595% increase compared year on year. We continue to provide ongoing design, consulting and conversion support to keep the Legacy Sportswear store top of the game.

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