The Brief

    We loved that Pure Wigs was more than just wigs. They wanted a brand that would not only elegantly support their professional and pure ethos, but also a brand that could be trusted and believed in when it came to someone’s health and well-being. A huge part of what Pure Wigs do is to support customers with hair loss because of medical treatments or alopecia. They experience part of this journey with their customers and a genuine relationship is born. They wanted a complete redesign of their brand ID, website and strategy around developing new customers and also ways to support existing customers better.

    Pure Wigs

    Research and exploration

    We reviewed their existing brand and technology whilst looking for similar companies in their marketplace. Our research found some surprising results around keywords and targeting that we would later use as part of the re-launch campaign. The beauty of Pure Wigs was that behind the scenes they had a team of experienced hair professionals and a thriving salon, not something you see with most eCommerce companies. This would help to really show off their expertise as well as offer an alternative conversion channel for local consumers.

    Nuttifox went far beyond what we expected. Their level of experience was clear from the very beginning as we went through a detailed on-boarding process. They spent a lot of time asking questions, brainstorming with us and ensuring they had a clear understanding of what we wanted to achieve. It was a great start and not something we had experienced at other agencies. They are certainly not just a web design company, they have helped us develop a real digital strategy and have started our journey to use it. We feel like we are in great hands.

    Visual direction

    The 'pure' aspect of the name led us to try a range of visually exciting ideas with a view to keeping things simple. Our decisions were informed by the request to communicate clearly with a high gloss finish, which helped to narrow down the concepts to the final brand you see today. Which was very well received.


    The development of the website was fairly straightforward, we did experiment with some new WooCommerce extensions to offer more flexibility for product feeds, then it was just a case of mapping out all the integrations required and ensuring they all worked as expected. Like any eCommerce projects, we look for the best channels to sync the products too, allowing our clients a much easier solution for managing inventory and orders from their WordPress dashboard whilst getting the most reach and visibility.

    One of the slightly trickier tasks was finding a nice solution for customers looking to book an appointment to visit their salon. Pure Wigs already had in-salon booking software, however, the web interface was poor, so we developed a solution that would send and book a customer using the software's API. This helped to keep the user experience clean when browsing the website.

    Pure Wigs


    Ultimately the end result was to build a user-focused website for purchasing Wigs and Hair Pieces, but supported by their story and conveyed with a strong visual identity. Pure Wigs were a pleasure to work with and everyone is pleased with the results, not just visual but in terms of business performance since launch.

    Pure Wigs

    The result

    A flat boring design and the uninspired website is now a premium brand experience for those looking to purchase from Pure Wigs. On mobile, tablet and desktop the website offers a sophisticated eCommerce journey, helping existing fans and new customers get the best from what Pure Wigs offer.

    We got to research new and exciting ways to communicate their message, work with influencers we hand-picked from the right social platforms and build a beautiful brand around an honest, experienced team.

    I believe the project was a real success and continues to grow every day at a nice pace. There is plenty more that can be done and we continue to work with Pure Wigs to drive them forward.

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