The Brief

    Smith Pest Control is a thriving company covering the Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and West London areas, with a digital presence that was firmly stuck in the past. It was a lesson in how the power of word of mouth can shape a companies growth and how Smith Pest Control used this to thrive in spite of their poor online reach.

    We were asked to review all of their digital media and help to deliver a great online experience whilst using this platform to open them up to new customers.

    Smith Pest Control

    Research and exploration

    We researched direct competitors by location and created a keyword strategy combining high volume and LSI keywords, which would become the basis for on-site SEO and content writing. We identified some nice long-tail words that seemed unadopted by the competition and believed they would have great success in ranking for the majority of these quickly.

    Visual direction

    As the brand was used widely across many mediums, including their fleet of vans, it was not an option to reproduce this. Luckily the brand ID was clean and minimal, so worked well with many of the design concepts we put together. We decided the industry required a fairly bold approach given the service they offered. However, at the same time, we wanted to ensure that a professional look and feel was presented, something that can easily be lost of bold large design.

    Nuttifox have been fantastic to work with. Offering clear no-jargon advice on how they were helping us achieve more visibility online and how this translates into more customers. We simply didn't realise the layers of depth that go into campaigns such as this and how technology can further improve our customer service and loyalty.


    The build was fairly standardised, following our usual development of detailed WordPress custom websites. With the keyword research, we could ensure that all micro-data was added and targeted code level for the correct keywords, making sure the page optimisation was very good from the start.

    Once the final content was added we completed the usual UAT testing and reporting of the site to check the detail of our work. We were pleased with the security, performance and SEO outcome of this project.

    The final aspect was to integrate the website with a CRM and set up a sales funnel to manage the data. As the team were on the road, it made sense to automate this process and round robin the leads to the team via email. This way there was no requirement for office based staff to be logged into the system on a daily basis.

    Smith Pest Control


    We look forward to working with Smith Pest Control to continue the development of their communication offline. It was clear that the service for both residential and commercial was a needs-must approach, meaning that generally they are called once a problem is discovered. This means having the ability to request a quote or call the company is of most importance. The site needed to be fast and clear on what they cover and how to contact them, equally local SEO for visibility was incredibly important and optimising the GMB page for added conversion.

    Smith Pest Control

    The result

    A well-optimised, professional bold design and is focused on lead generation for their company. The user experience is designed for making the most of customers who are urgently looking for a solution to a pest problem, with Smith Pest Control offering a clean, easy way for the customer to speak to them.

    The website and strategy had an instant impact on their business with a launch promotional campaign to existing business contacts as a brand awareness exercise. Shortly after we started to see the ranking improvements we had suspected would come from the optimisation work in a marketplace that had not fully realised the opportunities of this marketing approach.

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