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  • Executive Summary

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  • Marketing Goals

  • Competitors

    Consider your main competitors. These generally work within your industry and solve a similar problem for the same audience. However they may have a different style of service that is solving the same issue for your audience. For example; a traditional estate agents competition will be another local firm, but also the growth of online estate agents trading for smaller fee's.
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  • Leave any notes as to why you class these as competition. This could be there business presence is greater, they have a greater turnover or their USP is clearer.
  • Your Sales

    List your products and services indicating next to each roughly how many you sell and their % worth of your total revenue.
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  • Pricing

  • Distrubution

  • Sales

  • Your Customers

  • Demographic; Age/Gender/Income
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  • If unsure leave as zero
  • S.W.O.T

  • Consider glowing reviews or how your product/service is superior to your competitors’
  • Have your customers complained about any aspect of your offering and/or why would a customer choose a competitor over your business?
  • Are there any trends in your market you could use? Are there any additional uses for your product or service? Can you think of any people who are not customers that could benefit from your product or service? What more could you offer your existing customers?
  • money, time, resources, technology, competition, consider internal and external obstacles
  • Marketing Assets

    Please tick any of the following that you currently use to market your business.