Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques available. It allows you to stay in touch with existing customers or reach new potential customers in one go.

    We recommend the use of ActiveCampaign and our proud resellers, however, we are also efficient at working with other major email & CRM platforms to create bespoke email templates, automation and sales processes. We offer complete email marketing management; for businesses that prefer to spend their time doing what they do best.

    Why email marketing is great!


    We won’t use the word cheap, as anything that’s usually cheap isn’t overly worthwhile doing. Instead, we will say affordable. Studies show that email marketing holds the top spot for ROI and it’s easy to see why. Further supported by automation and data-driven consumer targeting, it’s clear why so many businesses opt for this marketing technique.

    Quick and easy

    Think about how many emails you send a day. In fact, don’t; if you’re anything like us it may make you feel a little nauseous. However, this is a good thing, as you’re already doing all of the hard work. Collate all of those emails into one single outgoing campaign and that’s your entire days worth of hitting the send button done by the time you’ve had your first coffee!

    Focused and customisable

    Email marketing is incredibly flexible. You can easily separate your extensive email list into sub-categories, which gives you full control over who sees what and when. You also have full control and customisation over the appearance of what you send out, allowing you to creatively indulge yourself to your heart’s content.

    Every business should have a CRM. It’s a fundamental tool in organising your customer data and the backbone of any online marketing strategy. What makes our CRM even more exciting is it’s focus on lead generation and sales automation.

    Used correctly our CRM can do many things. Most importantly it can automate processes and inform you of potential leads based on tracking. We’ve integrated our CRM in some businesses to manage 80%-100% of the lead nurturing and communication. Leaving the owner to focus on finalising the sale or in some cases simply processing the paid order.

    Why every business should have CRM & Automation

    Customer Insights

    Having customer information is a must. It lets you know who they are, what they are interested in and how they have previously connected with your company. These customer insights allow you to make informed decisions about your marketing and sales opportunities, most of which can be generated and sent to these prospects automatically from our CRM.


    A rich man once said ‘The most important asset is your database‘ and ‘Every time I send an email I make a sale‘. These emails were not shots in the dark but automated based on customer data, tracking and insight. Using our CRM you can segment your data based on behaviour and target your marketing accordingly.

    Opportunities and Sales

    Imagine waking up to new leads and prospects every day. Automated lead generation is a simple step with our CRM. Website tracking and conversions of existing customer data can trigger an action; whether it’s informing your sales team of a hot prospect, or simply sending a sales email to encourage a conversion online.