Marketing automation is the implementation of software & strategy with the goal of automating marketing and sales actions. When used effectively it can aid lead generation, automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, data transfer and help manage your sales processes.

    Many companies promote marketing automation as a ‘done once and forget’ solution, that will run and manage lead generation for a company. This couldn’t be more wrong and in doing so would be a waste of investment. Automation should be a bespoke approach to craft a system that works for your company, fitting in around existing software and process, whilst adding value. Used like this, yes, automation can increase leads, save time and organise or convert sales.

    Is automation for me?

    We believe automation can help all businesses in some form. Whether the investment is worth it depends on how much value it can add. A good way to judge is to consider the areas in your business that may need improvement, such as email marketing, data management, customer services, lead generation or defining a sales process. If you currently have these bases pretty well covered and efficiently managed, then automation is not for you.

    How can automation help my business?


    Those repetitive areas in your business that take up a lot of time. Whether it is sending a follow-up email, chasing payments, adding customer data to another system or general marketing tasks, automation can eliminate these issues keeping your focused on more important tasks.


    Successful inbound marketing campaigns can have many moving parts, such as; landing pages, forms, email templates and call-to-actions (CTAs). However, it is the automated workflows that connect everything together, meaning in many cases the whole process can be automated and personalised. By systemising this activity you can deliver a consistently professional service to your prospects or customers.

    Channel agnosticism

    Automation tools are channel-agnostic, meaning they can be connected to many other marketing platforms such as email, SEO, CRM and Social Media, then tailored to deliver a specific solution. Serving as a centralised hub it makes day-to-day marketing and sales activity much easier to manage.

    Increase revenue

    There is investment required to purchase and setup any marketing automation software, however, this is normally easily offset when compared to the value and efficiently it can have on your business, in hours and actual revenue.

    Here are a few areas to consider:

    • B2B Marketers with successful lead-nurturing campaigns on average can see a 20% increase in sales opportunities.
    • 80% of high-performing agencies surveyed identify marketing automation as a key contributor to improved revenue.
    • By 2020 85% of customer relationships with businesses will be managed without human involvement.

    Customer retention

    For any successful company, their is always a balance between customer acquisition and retention. It’s great to win new customers but it is much easier to keep existing ones.

    Marketing automation allows you to capture a lot of data on your customer base and use this marketing intelligence to better serve them, resulting in a better relationship, more accurate remarketing and improved customer service.

    Relationship marketing

    Simply put, this is building better relationships between your brand and your customer to increase satisfaction scores. The result means a more dedicated brand ambassador and a greater chance of sharing and promoting your business via word-of-mouth or social media.

    Tracking & monitoring

    Making the right choices around any marketing efforts has to come from measurable data. With automation, this can be done by tracking how users engage with your website and content, then often being able to create a workflow that will react in real-time to that data. Long-term it also allows you to build up a profile of your audience and show up patterns that you may not have been aware of.

    If you need to improve business efficiency, marketing or sales operations or help to define processes, then speak to our marketing automation experts to see how this can have a positive impact on your business and help to grow revenue.