Facebook holds more data on interests, activities, demographics and shopping behaviour of users than any website in the world.

This allows campaigns to use incredibly detailed and accurate targeting options to advertising managers to deliver the right ad with the correct message to specific audiences no matter how big or small.

For Facebook campaigns to deliver results, however, can still be a complex process, so getting the most from your Facebook advertising campaign requires expertise of the Business Manager and Ad Manager tools within Facebook.

We’ve been growing businesses (including our own) using Facebook ads since the very start. Our Facebook Ads Management Service is designed to follow our proven delivery process to ensure profit is seen from this powerful marketing & sales channel.

Can My Business Benefit from Facebook Ads?

Facebook offers highly targeted advertising solutions which are relatively cheap when compared to channels such as Google AdWords. There are lots of options available too; find out more here.

Want to find out how your business could profit from Facebook ads?

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Why Choose Nuttifox Facebook Ads Management?

As Facebook has grown, so has it’s marketing tools and therefore the complexity. The platform has become a powerful machine for targeting & managing global campaigns, so much like Google Adwords, it requires a professional to stay up-to-date with new features and has the experience of delivering profitable campaigns.

Nuttifox cover all the details from pre-campaign planning to custom audiences, conversion optimisation and advanced interest targeting. Our Facebook ads team have years of experience running campaigns for various industries.

Our Facebook Ads Management will take care of everything. We design all the ads, create the content and build the videos, before setting up and installing the Facebook tracking pixel on your website. During the campaign, we will make various adjustments, including, split-testing the ads, reviewing the analytics and checking your campaign’s efficiency. Leaving you free to manage the leads it generates.

Maximising Your Profit

We understand that this is your budget and an investment into helping your business grow. Not all campaigns are profitable, we know, we spend money on Facebook too. However, this is why professional management is crucial, because we kill under-performing campaigns quickly, then assign budgets to those that are hitting the mark.

We track the success of every Facebook Ad campaign on our own proven 5 point system, using the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) metric as the key to understanding how much each lead costs to generate.

Once we have a performing ad, we then work on reducing the CPA by focusing our attention on that ad and audience to deliver more conversions, thus increasing the profitability of the campaign. This is when we’ll suggest increasing the Facebook ad budget to scale up.

You can learn more about our Facebook Ads Management methods via our free-to-use training suite.
Clear reporting

We do not blind you with industry jargon or assume you’re experts at Facebook. That’s why we provide clear reports for all Nuttifox services which break down exactly what is happening and the results delivered. During a call with your campaign manager, they will also explain the strategy and plans for the following month, so you’re always in the loop.

Transparent pricing

Most Facebook ad agencies charge a percentage of ad spend to cover their management fee’s, however, this only incentivises them to increase your budget, even if it is not the best thing for your business.

Nuttifox charges a fixed management fee, regardless of the campaign budget. It means you know exactly how much you’re spending and that your ad spend will only increase once the campaign is performing.

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How Does a Nuttifox Facebook Ads Campaign Work?

Our Facebook Ads team will discuss your business goals and existing audience to establish some base guidelines. Are you looking to sell a product, generate leads, grow your audience or build brand awareness? We will help establish some clear objectives even if you’ve not considered them yourself yet.

Facebook audience insights give us a number of tools to find your core audience. We start here and expand by refining and adding new audiences across the campaign as we go, each time improving the results and efficiency.

Creating the ads

While AdWords is restrictive over the text you have to play with, Facebook gives you a headline, ad copy, button, link & description text as well as the ad graphic and type. There is a science to Facebook ad creation and there are limits to what Facebook will accept, we handle all of this for you and use different versions for each ad to find the best performers.

Measuring and tracking

A great Facebook advertising campaign is not a “set and forget”. Once the campaign is working it will not remaining profitable forever, unless it is constantly managed. Facebook Ads can quickly run out of steam due to audience saturation, ad blindness and reach fatigue.

Nuttifox we keep a campaign fresh and strip away under-performing audiences.


Once a campaign is at a profitable cost per acquisition, it’s time to scale up. Doing this carelessly or to quickly will damage the metrics we’ve worked hard to build and can kill the campaign. Facebook needs managing to ensure the audience we are scaling to will keep performance on-track.

What Our Facebook Ads Clients Say About Us

Nuttifox have transformed my business through their management of our Facebook campaign. The team are polite, helpful and are always coming up with great ideas to continue to push us as the authority within our industry. We have seen a marked improvement in not only website traffic but appointments booked. I have no hestitation in recommending them to others.

Gemma Ware – GW Osteopathy

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Facebook Ads provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses looking to reach targeted audiences online. Through the amount of data they hold about their users, Facebook enables advertisers to target ads at very specific groups, locations and people.