SEO Tips Every Business Should Know

SEO Tips Every Business Should Know

Writing on your social media, blog, or website is a great skill and keeping consistent content frequently onto your Blog and Social Media pages. Keeping consistent content will boost your search engine rankings, website traffic and leads.

Here are a few tips every business should know:

1. Who is Your Audience?

Only a small percentage of your audience will be reading your posts online, so it’s important for you to identify your particular audience. What problems are you finding your audience are trying to solve? And what is the demographic of your primary audience? Talk to your audience about trending topics and inspire them, this will help them solve their problems.

2. Include Keywords in Your Title 

Your title needs to stand out to your audience and make them want to click through to your content. Your content should also engaging and fun to read. No one likes reading a big block of text so keep it short and simple. When your happy with the title for your content, include your main keyword and also in your title tag. Doing this will make a great difference!

3. Use Images

A lot of us are drawn to eye catching imagery, and so therefore it’s important that your images and relevant to your content. You can optimise your images by adding alt text, captions and file names. Reducing the file size can also helps the loading time and this can help you gain extra traffic.

4. Check Our your Competition! 

Take a look at your competition and their blogs, see what Keywords they are using and use for your own unique content. Doing this, you can pick out the most relevant Keywords for your very own content and is the quickest way to finding high traffic! Choose a topic that you feel you can put your own voice across and good points with the relevant Keywords.


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