Top SEO Tips for SMEs

Top SEO Tips for SMEs

At Nuttifox we prefer to lead by example. So as a trusted SEO Surrey agency, helping our clients rank highly, gain more exposure and generate more leads we wanted to share some basic SEO Tips with you to get things going in the right direction (up!).

SEO has had a bad name which we are helping to put right, client by client. This is because many agencies adopt silly tactics to rank their clients in the short term, only for them to fall quickly afterwards and be left out-of-pocket. SEO is a long-term strategy but results can be seen in days/weeks rather than months following these SEO Tips! Ultimately it comes down to how competitive the search terms are you want to rank for.

Let’s take ‘Web Design Surrey‘ which we rank on page 2 for. Using our tried and tested methods we arrived on page 2 a mere 3 months after we started. The term Web Design Surrey has a Google Competitor Index of 54%, so it’s not the easiest term to rank highly for, we expect to be comfortably on page 1 in a matter of weeks. This is because the methods used to get there are established on technology, consistency, great value and freshness.

SEO Tip #1: Responsive Web Design

Let’s start with the website you wish to rank. Is it mobile friendly? If not you are already being punished in the search results as your site is not accessible to mobile users. Speak to us to see how your site can be converted.

SEO Tip #2: On-Site SEO

Next, make sure the key-phrases such as ‘Web Design Surrey‘ are included in your website page titles. For WordPress users make sure to install Yoast. A brilliant free SEO plugin which will help you set each page title and description, plus give you feedback on how well optimised that page is for the search term. Don’t go crazy though, the content still has to read correctly and not have keywords everywhere, Google is clever, this is keyword stuffing and it’s naughty.

SEO Tip #3: Good Content

Adding new fresh content to your site is very important. Using the plugin above you will be able to sync a dynamic sitemap from Yoast to your Google & Bing accounts. Then when you post blogs it will encourage the search bots to crawl your site. Search engines like this new fresh content and doing it consistently will see you rise up the results.

SEO Tip #4: Backlinks

Domain authority is one of many ways search engines decide how relevant and powerful your website is. This is calculated by how many high ‘DA’ websites link back to yours. The simplest way to do this is to continue to post and publish content based on your industry, then share that content over social media. This does two jobs, allows people to share your content providing more links back to it and gives you content to post on your social media accounts. How active your social channels are is another aspect of search engines rank sites.

Beyond what has been listed above, you are entering the world of serious SEO strategy and development so get in touch with us if you want to put a Nuttifox with rocket fuel in charge of your SEO. This, however, is a great place to start and would need to be covered either way, so if you can get the ball rolling, it will save you a few pennies down the road.

If you want more in-depth help with your search engine optimisation, speak to us for a free comprehensive SEO report from our expert SEO team.

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