WordPress SEO: How to rank your website

WordPress SEO: How to rank your website

We manage SEO campaigns for our Surrey clients, many of which use WordPress. Because we understand the importance of on-site SEO and helping you achieve better results, we’ve put together this guide so you can start on the WordPress SEO fundamentals and save money in the long term.

Building a rank in Google or Bing to be positioned higher in the search is a tricky subject, that has been debated among many SEO professionals for years. We do know the higher you rank the more visibility your business gets and therefore the more traffic.

WordPress is a great platform. Being open source means it is free to use and is constantly improved by its development teams. Because of its popularity, it has become a CMS of choice for many business and plugin developers to create brilliant new functionality, that can plug-in to the WordPress core extending it’s offering with little or no code changes. This is great for WordPress SEO.

Yoast SEO is a free plugin for WordPress and a preferred SEO plugin for many agencies. Once setup it will generate a dynamic sitemap that is linked to your business Google and Bing accounts. The benefit of this is it will alert the search engines when your site has been updated. Meaning your site is indexed faster and has fresh content.

W3 Total Cache is another free plugin, this time taking care of your website’s performance. Using this plugin correctly you will be able to cache your most visited pages allowing them to load quicker. By setting expire times on page headers and the other inbuilt options you could see your sites load times dramatically reduced. If you do not know how quickly your site loads then test it with Google Page Speed Insights.

Use short permalinks, including keywords. Use an understandable permalink.  Instead of http://yourwebsite.com/page-id?495/ use http://yourwebsite.com/bespoke-cakes-brighton/. Please note that only the first four words in a permalink are relevant.  Google doesn’t care about any succeeding words in your permalinks.

SEO Friendly Images is another free plugin that will help improve your image optimisation. Name for your image files. Google also takes images into account when calculating your websites rank. Displaying both text and images on its search results page. Implement keywords of a specific subject in your file name, instead of DSC93948.jpg use bespoke-cakes-brighton.jpg. Once uploaded to the WordPress media library ensure the image title and alt text have been set to the same keyword.

Share your posts on social networks. Once you have written a new post, ensure this is shared with your company Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages. Also share other posts, not just your own as this will encourage others to do the same for you, extending your reach and social engagement.

Nuttifox is a trusted SEO Surrey agency, that has helped boost online positions for many businesses. Our in-house SEO experts are committed to helping you get better results online and have access to many premium plugins and proven techniques that will see your WordPress SEO rise ahead of your competitors.


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