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We offer a complete range of social media marketing services covering all major social media platforms, predominantly Facebook and Instagram. As one of Surrey’s established digital marketing agencies, we offer a complete Facebook ads management, creation and optimisation service designed to get your business more likes, more followers, more interactions and ultimately more sales/enquiries!

With Facebook being the largest social platform on the web, there has never been a better time to take advantage of powerful campaign tools. Any Facebook ads management & general Facebook PPC campaign, it’s critical to get the setup just right - from well planned out content and creatives through to building tight audiences composed of people who really would engage and buy from your business.

Nuttifox employs a team of Facebook Advertising Experts & PPC account specialists to deliver more conversions, more sales, more engagement. If you are in the market for social media marketing - have you also considered our other services including SEO?

So what can our Facebook Ads Management do for you?

Well, apart from delivering more traffic and engagement, we’ll run Facebook PPC campaigns to drive more sales and to build a strong return on ad spend. From creating highly targeted lookalike audiences through to retargeting & remarketing - so people who could have brought your product or service but didn’t, won’t forget your brand and what you offer.

We offer a custom packaged solution for businesses, whether you want full hands-on Facebook Ads Management Services or whether you want to work with us - we’ll tailor our service to your needs.

From producing eye-catching creatives and content, through to setting up Facebook Conversion Pixel, Events & Audience building - we deliver the full Facebook Ads experience!.

Facebook Ads Management Services

Full Ad Creative Research, Concept and Design

People tend not to engage so well with clunky, complicated ads, or even ads that are dull or just not right for the service or product. So, our team of in-house designs can create eye-catching ads that work, whether they go out on Facebook and/or Instagram, we produce media to meet all required dimensions.
Facebook Ad Creative
Retargeting on Facebook

Retargeting campaigns

We can help you retarget people from other channels thanks to Facebook conversion pixels look-alike traffic capabilities. Retargeting is an immensely powerful way of capturing more sales from people who interacted with your website but didn’t check out and buy. Retargeting can be set up to target previous visitors as well as look-a-like visitors who exhibit similar behaviours.

Audience building

Even if people aren’t ready to transact with your business be it product or service, our Facebook and Instagram marketing services also help to build a passive audience. More likes, more followers, more interaction increases the likelihood of conversions, even if prospective audiences have a longer conversion time frame. Audience building is great for cementing brand establishment & goes some way to showing end users that your business is established and making a concerted effort to grow.
Facebook Custom Audiences
Landing Page Creation

Landing Page Creation

We create optimised landing pages to further focus information around your product, service or event to encourage your customer to take action. Using custom Facebook ads we direct relevant people to your landing pages.

Dynamic ad campaigns

From Facebook Lead ads to Commerce Campaigns, Traffic & Retargeting Campaigns, we create ads in a way that will help you drive, easy, medium and hard prospects, maximising potential reach and return on investment, sometimes achieving delivery that standard Google search / Google ads can’t.
Facebook Custom Audiences
Landing Page Creation

Social media management

Some businesses and stakeholders simply do not have the time to manage their social media feeds day in day out, so, for that reason it can be a fantastic compromise to use a bespoke social management service like ours - saving you time and allowing us to take the reins when it comes to creating relevant media that your users will love. We do all the research to make sure we only post when necessary and that the content that goes out isn’t generic and unloved.

Simple, Clear Reporting

No complicated PDF's here, our interactive reporting dashboard gives you only the metrics that matter in real-time, so you can see what we see, without waiting for a weekly or monthly update.
Facebook Ad Reporting

What's Included?

Fast Websites Ad Copy

We write effective ad copy which resonates with potential customers and prompts action.

Website Security Imagery

We choose the right imagery for the Ad Creative best suited to deliver your message.

SSL Certificate A/B Testing

We test content, imagery & audiences to ensure your campaigns deliver great results.

On-Boarding Pixel Installation

We setup your tracking pixels and all events to make sure it is working correctly.

Backups & Maintenace Budget

We manage your spending to ensure you get the the maximum ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).

Scaleable Hosting CRM Integration

We can connect your CRM to Facebook to ensure every lead is captured and managed correctly.

The Benefits of Facebook Advertising & Instagram Advertising

Huge reach

There’s no doubt about it, with over 1.8 billion daily active users (source: Statista) and over 2.8 billion monthly active users - reach opportunities are almost unlimited. It’s more than probable that most of your active and potential customers are already on social media waiting to see your offering. Both Instagram and Facebook offer the greatest reach when it comes to paid advertising.


Facebook & Instagram offer a reasonably priced way of building new customers / generating new enquiries via Facebook and Instagram Advertising Management. With opportunistic models & various options in terms of strategy available - a good setup campaign that is run and managed well can perform delivering low CPC’s, low CPA/CPL and driving up return on ad spend.


Seeing good results? It’s quick and easy to scale up campaigns by adding more budget and expanding reach, targeting and a/b split tests on campaigns. Want more business? We’ll send it your way with our Facebook PPC management.


With Facebook’s powerful advertising, tracking and reporting tools, it’s much easier to understand ROI and where the money is being spent. Facebook and Instagram are exceptionally powerful platforms when it comes to advertising reporting - we can also use third party connectors to create Google data studio spend, engagement and conversion reporting in real-time.


Facebook, like other PPC platforms (Google Ads included) offers a QUICK way for businesses to start advertising and driving engagement. Our Facebook Advertising in Surrey is a quick and easy way to get started - but of course, we don’t just offer Facebook Ad Management in Surrey, we can help businesses in pretty much ANY location.

Increase in Revenue

You need to get more back than you spend for a campaign to be profitable (positive ROI). With highly targeted FB ad campaigns we can ensure your business increases revenue on the back of FB PPC. Using a cost-effective approach that leverages highly accurate targeting we can ensure your ads work as quickly as possible to deliver new product sales, enquiries and end-user interaction.

Facebook Ads Management Costs

This is entirely dependent on the campaign you are looking to run, audience, reach, coverage and more. We offer the chance of getting a quick, free social media & Facebook PPC management quote so you know how much it would cost to run a campaign, what we think your business needs to spend and what the projected outcome would be.

Unlike other Facebook PPC agencies, we offer a monthly rolling service with no obligation to continue should you wish to try various options when it comes to Facebook ad campaign setup and management - although we’re sure you won’t.

I’m interested in your Facebook Advertising Service - how long would it take to set up and run a campaign?

The answer is - not long at all, from enquiry to delivery we can often conduct FB audience research, set up a Facebook ad manager / Facebook business manager account and get the ball rolling within DAYS (even quicker if you already have Facebook Ads Manager / Business Manager).

One of the great benefits with social media advertising is how quickly campaigns can be set up and deployed - once we’ve worked out target demographics (age, interests, location, behaviour) we’re pretty much good to go.

Do we get monthly Facebook performance reporting?

Yes, we can provide detailed analytical reports showing spend, engagement, delivery, conversions (calls, sales, enquiries), cost per click, ctr & more. Reporting is bespoke and can be set up in a way that makes sense to you.

Will I get to approve ad content before it goes live?

Yes, at the start of the relationship we ascertain everything from content creation to an approval process - from ad design and creation through to deployment. We work with a strict approval and quality control model to ensure delivery of a fully compliant campaign.

How do we maximise profit?

We understand that this is your budget and investment into helping your business grow. Not all campaigns are profitable, we know, we spend money on Facebook too. However, this is why professional management is crucial, because we kill under-performing campaigns quickly, then assign budgets to those that are hitting the mark.

We track the success of every Facebook Ad campaign on our own proven 5 point system, using the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) metric as the key to understanding how much each lead costs to generate.

Once we have a performing ad, we then work on reducing the CPA by focusing our attention on that ad and audience to deliver more conversions, thus increasing the profitability of the campaign. This is when we’ll suggest increasing the Facebook ad budget to scale up.

Facebook Advertising that works

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