A Few Simple Tips for Video SEO for WordPress

A Few Simple Tips for Video SEO for WordPress

Consumer demand for online video content is constantly on the rise, so the importance of incorporating Video SEO into web designs cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, though, Video SEO for WordPress is a little bit more complicated than optimizing print content or images for a site. Read on to find a few helpful tips for optimizing video content for search engines below.

Create Videos That Serve a Purpose

Just like websites more generally, the videos incorporated into sites should always serve some kind of purpose or have an ultimate goal. This goal doesn’t have to be complex; it could be as simple as increasing customer awareness of a business, improving the appearance of the site, or explaining the use of a product. In order to rank well in search engines, these videos should stay on topic and deliver relevant and insightful information that will encourage browsers to link back to it.

Choose the Right Hosting Platform

It just doesn’t make sense to host videos directly on websites most of the time, as they take up too much bandwidth and slow sites down to a crawl, which can substantially damage overall site performance. However, sites like YouTube and Vimeo don’t offer very many options with it comes to customization and optimization; users can add titles and descriptions and edit privacy controls, but that’s about the extent of the options that they have. Plus, there’s always the fact that the video will be stamped with the company’s logo, which can impact the overall professionalism of the site, so it might be a better idea to use a platform like Wistia that offers high-quality, more professional looking video hosting with a higher level of optimization options.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Including a call to action at the end of the video is never a bad idea when it comes to Video SEO for WordPress, especially when the videos are being hosted on third-party platforms like YouTube. Calls to action can include subscribe buttons, contact information, or links to online stores.

Optimization Metadata

When it comes to Video SEO WordPress makes it easy to optimize metadata. The process of optimizing video metadata is extremely similar to that used for image SEO. Chose focus words for the video’s dialogue and the page it’s found on and includes relevant tags. It’s also a good idea to include a video transcript.

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