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    A fully-managed digital partner from concept to build, deployment, and scaling of your business.

    We understand that the digital aspect for many startups is a critical step when growing and stabilizing your business. It is where most startups fail because of a lack of planning and understanding of costs before they start to realize an ROI.

    Nuttifox is unique in that we have not only developed our own startup subsidiaries with minimal self-capital investment, and that we have successfully launched and grown our client’s startup ventures. We also encourage UK startups with our own form of digital funding options.

    Fast track your startup business

    Entrepreneurs focus on getting their great ideas to market swiftly, so they can start building out their business. To stay competitive, you need to deliver apps fast, iterate on ideas quickly, set up to scale, and control your operational costs.

    Nuttifox gives startups a powerful solution for building, deploying, and operating their business-critical digital landscape. We understand the risks and benefits of getting the process right, offering a fully-managed service, meaning that we take care of servers, hardware, and infrastructure, so you can keep your team lean and focused on your product.

    Stay lean, efficient, and focused

    Nuttifox allows startups to maximize resources and control costs while building out their business. Our teams experience and capabilities mean your startup has a powerhouse of digital talent pushing you in the right direction.

    Nuttifox The Gap

    Before anything happens we make sure to understand your vision thoroughly, only then can we be sure that the method applied is fitting for a successful outcome. We will start with an onboarding meeting where we can discuss the business, shareholders, vision, goals, and budgets. Our job is to get your from your current situation to your desired situation and beyond, trying to mash expectations and goals where possible.

    Startup funding

    We are always looking for innovative startup ventures and ideas to invest in. Our unique startup partnership funding means successful applicants will receive the full digital expertise of Nuttifox to launch and grow a business. The level of funding is equal to the level of involvement within the whole business, from brandingwebsite design and mobile apps to scaling and beyond.

    Have a startup business or idea you would like to discuss? Call us on 01276 409724 to see how we can help.