Video Marketing vs Copywriting

Video Marketing vs Copywriting

There’s nothing quite like good sales copy, is there? The silky smooth writing of a professional, telling you why you need to buy a certain product now.

But as time goes by and every Tom, Dick and Harry ventures into online-marketing, does sales copy still pack the punch it once did?

Video killed the copy star

You’ve all heard that famous Buggles track, I’m sure. Video Killed the Radio Star. The track was released way back in 1979 when television was firmly on it’s rise to prominence.

Skip forward a few decades to the present day. Has video now claimed another life? Is the copy-star our modern day radio star?

Video marketing has always remained behind copywriting in the minds of business owners, despite its reputable list of benefits. Sales copy was just traditional; it was the safe thing to do.

But video marketing brings with it benefits that people are finding it harder and harder to ignore. As video quality improves, internet speeds quicken, and sales copy becomes rather tired, pioneers are finding it harder than ever before to shun this method of selling in favour of the old.

The benefits of video marketing

Can video marketing replace the need for some killer web copywriting and convert more of your sales leads? That’s what you really want to know, right?

Want a straight forward, no beating-around-the-bush answer? Then yes. It most certainly can. But only if done well.

One of the key reasons websites have shyed away from the online video is it takes a little fine tuning. Success isn’t a case of uploading a video of yourself saying ‘hey!’ It requires the analysing of web figures. It takes a couple of re-do’s depending on how well your website video is received.

But that’s no reason to be afraid of it. In fact, it’s a reason to embrace it with enthusiasm. It’s still a relatively untapped method of promotion. It’s not yet cliched like the sales page.

Video marketing does exactly what copywriting does, only, in many cases… better.

  • Video marketing allows messages to be passed on quicker than web copy
  • It allows visual demonstration of brand integrity and product viability
  • It builds trust between your brand and customers, who can see a face, rather than words
  • And, it converts better

13% is the average increase in sales a well done online marketing video is responsible for. Whether you’re small time or big time in the web-promotion world, that could spell an increase of hundreds, even thousands of pounds in extra profit.


While video marketing is an exciting new tool that many website owners will be itching to try, it’s important to realise its current market limitations.

The first, is the problem with search engine optimisation. If your landing page contains just a video, you’re in for a rough ride if you intend on gaining a healthy ranking. However, with video becoming a popular choice the big search engines have increased the need to deliver video. So a combination of quality video and copy is the killer blow. The second is the problem of impatient buyers. Not everyone wants to watch a video, they don’t have time in their minds, even though reading lengthy copy takes longer. Consider your marketplace and audience to see how video marketing can benefit you.

Video doesn’t have to replace sales copy entirely. It can work in unision with it. Video with reduced sales copy seems to be the sweet spot for businesses.

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