Web Design Specialists Surrey

Nuttifox specialise in the design and development of business websites in Surrey. Our websites can be found in search engines, include clear messages and used by the right audiences. We produce web design in Surrey and have built many websites in our 8+ years, whilst picking up a few things along the way.

If you ask someone if they like your website you are offering them the chance to be critical over aesthetics which include personal preferences over aspects of the design they would not choose themselves. Very little if any of this is constructive feedback. If you ask a website specialist they would see it from a different point of view; best practise, clarity and code.

  1. How good is the code?

    Behind the scenes is very important. Search engines crawl the code of your site, making judgements over it’s structure and content. Many businesses have no idea whether there site has been built correctly even if the front-end looks good. We offer a completely free website audit services that gives you the low-down.

  2. User Journey

    Of course the aesthetics are important, but, it’s more than I don’t like that colour or I wouldn’t put that there. Users have behaviour patterns, they expect certain icons and functionality, they also read the page in a certain way and most only absorb so much. All of this should be considered and translated into a working design. If you need to ask someone what they think, give them an instruction like, “Can you find this?” or “Can you do this?” and test the design with trackable results.

  3. Message

    Finally, what message are you trying to deliver and to whom? There is a balance between content, SEO and clarity. However, your website can be as SEO friendly as possible, but if it doesn’t deliver the message, your wasting your time. Subtle changes can dramatically change the conversions of a website, so consider your main aim and make this accessible above the fold with one click and clear instructions defining how you can help them, not, what you do.

If you still want some help in web design Surrey then speak to our website design specialists at our Surrey or Hampshire offices. We love helping our clients achieve the results they want from their online presence. See our web design services, call or team on: 01276 409724 or start a project.