Cork & Barrell

Cork & Barrell

Cork & Barrel is a liquor retail merchant based in Oak Bay, Victoria, Canada. We were ask to create a web design concept that would keep the old world charm of the store and the beautiful surroundings of Oak Bay. We researched the area and discussed the style before creating these visuals.

Identity, Strategy, UX, Web

Cork & Barrell Photo

We were supplied with fantastic photography to work with. This allowed our designers to create image led stories around the concept to bring home that new world feeling.

Megan Frost, Nuttifox

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During the conceptual process, we quickly came upon an important insight: Cork & Barrell doesn’t just sell craft beer. It sells experiences and lifestyle. Its products our a local part of the community and for exactly that reason the experience it delivers should be expanded with its website. Via unlimited use of video and images from the client, we made it possible for visitors to get close to the brand and get inspired right on the website.

Cork & Barrell

Crafting Their New Digital Presence

Their original palette bold bright colours did not leave an impression of history and a sense of being in a historical setting. That’s why we introduced a new set of colours. The classic subtle cream as a base and strong colours to help navigate and breathe some life into the site. The typography was updated as well – Still classic, but with character and modernity.


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