Countrywide Telecoms

Countrywide Telecoms

Countrywide Telecoms are an award-winning independent communications provider offering bespoke broadband, landline and mobile solutions. Working closely with their team we developed a new website more fitting to their success and future plans.

UX, Web, Graphics

IUK Mobile


Our initial discussion were based around conversion through each service section of their existing site.

As the project progressed it became clear the current site even with design changes would have a short shelf-life, before they would need to consider a new platform. We worked with Countrywide to bring a fresh design to the table as quickly as possible whilst focusing on the initial points of conversion for their services.

Our goal was to create a simple single conversion point to allow users to be able to quickly register their interest for a particular service. This would then feed into a CRM to alert the customer by email and the sales team.

Chris Nutbeen, Nuttifox

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