Ingredients UK

Ingredients UK

Ingredients UK Limited are the leading importer and distributer of ingredients, supplying only the highest quality products. They came to us this year looking for a new website since their existing one had become dated in comparison to their competitors.

UX, Web


One of the main reasons we were hired for this project was our ability to prove the quality of our code and how we integrate our clients sites for optimal search indexing.

The client specifically pointed to our proposal as valuable and a fresh open-minded approach to design and marketing: We would come with a different mindset than usual food branding bureaus, making IUK stand out as a modern, technology driven supplier.

IUK Mobile

Creating a simple UX for mobiles was an important factor given the traffic the previous non-responsive site had received. Because of this much time was spent working on mobile optimisation for the best performance and experience.

Chris Nutbeen, Nuttifox


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