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A disruptive strategy for an innovative product.

Isomist were looking to partner with an agency who could achieve consistency across multiple mediums and channels as they prepared to gear up for the launch of a new product range. This would be a complete rework of their brand, marketing and technology stack.

After a sensible plan of action was formed, we worked closely with the Isomist management team to craft every detail from branding & messaging to websites, automation and media buying.

Multi-Channel Strategy & Implementation for the next big innovation within the CBD industry


With the introduction of Biozorb and a passion to build a wholesale offering, we helped Isomist create a new brand identity that would work seamlessly with a strategy for both the wholesale and retail side of their business. Defined by a new set of brand guidelines, we covered all eventualities including channels we introduced to them which would be considered in the future.

Websites x 2

The product landscape had changed since Isomist first launched. So had the SEO landscape and industry regulations. So it was decided to tie a branding knot around the messaging and split out the websites to allow for easier optimisation and messaging of each side of the business. We created a wholesale website on WordPress and a retail website on Shopify, putting the best technology stack behind each platform to build out an efficient sales channel.

Product & Packaging Design

At the heart of the project was the new Isomist product. An impressive CBD atomised spray that would deliver the highest concentration of CBD using their Biozorb carrier solution. We worked on sketching concepts from the early stages of the product to ensure a strong connection remained as each part of the brand developed.

Whilst regulations played a small part of the label design, we were free to explore endless possibilities and managed to develop a unique spray bottle with child safety lock. After many discussion and testing we helped Isomist deliver a spray application that was very accurate in dose and unique in design.

Let's do payments

As the Shopify retail store took shape, it was time to talk payment gateways. Not all gateways support CBD businesses and those that did, had very strict requirements around compliance.

We worked directly with various payment providers to ensure all requirements were met or valid. This was a crucial step as the some of the strategy required us working with particular providers. Luckily and with persistence we managed to secure all 3, meaning we had the flexibility required to implement those tactics.

Digital PR

Part of the strategy was to use Digital PR to quickly build awareness around the product. We started by looking for passionate brand ambassadors with an ethical stance on what they share to their followers, this shows a commitment to their channels and means its more likely their followers are more engaged. We ended up working with 3 micro-influencers who aligned with the Isomist values.

We then started an outreach campaign to introduce Isomist to a number of journalists who liked the product and would be happy to feature Isomist in the articles.


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