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Modernising UK road compliance for environmental impact testing.

Tartech - in partnership with a number of UK government agencies and contractors is at the forefront of reengineering compliance around road construction and testing for environmental impact. They required an innovative platform to simplify a complex set of parameters across three industry sectors to manage the lifecycle of construction projects on UK roads, ensuring compliance is understood and met along with the Environmental Agency guidelines.

We worked closely with Tartech to craft a carefully planned dataset and workflow as the foundation of a beautifully intuitive design. We developed a progressive web app using Jamstack for a true cross device stack that is light weight and easily scaleable.

What we did UX & UI Design Progressive Web App ReactJS Server Architecture

Seamless cross-platform delivery for Government agencies & construction


We elevated the existing Tartech brand to work with a wider range of materials, including the cross platform application. It was important for Tartech to establish a professional brand and reputation from the use of their technologies. We worked to understand their target audience and how they will develop a repore with Tartech using their platform and automated touch-points, along with printed marketing collateral.

Beyond compliance

Part of the infrastructure was to generate compliance reports automatically based on the collected data input from three sources. A huge undertaking, not only from managing data-sets, but also the usability of how the different information is easily collected using technology. We married Lab workers, Construction operators and government officials together in a seamless user-flow, including the hierarchy of data access based on user roles within each sector.

Jamstack Hosting

To ensure a smooth operation and future scalability of the app, we hosted Tartech on Netlify, giving us access to their powerful edge-network and architecture.

Jamstack offers many performance and security benefits for Tartech, such as a seamless development workflow, making it more cost-effective and the added security of decoupling the frontend.


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