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Welcome to Nuttifox

Designing an awesome website is just the start, we create seamless marketing communications & campaigns to provide your customers with effortless online experiences.


The ability to think outside the box is a skill we have mastered over time.

This means that in whatever sphere you find yourself or however you intend to effectively express your thoughts, we’ll capture it; whether it’s through web design, effective marketing, branding, print design, even apps and cloud technology, we have you covered as our solutions ensure you are set apart from the competition.

Simplicity and Value

Getting a responsive website or web service is not where it ends, it’s actually the beginning.

We make the processes of crafting your website, application or strategy simple and focused.

Simplicity is King and we bring that to bear on your business. We do not just build your web experience, we make sure it sets standards and is tailored to fit your specific business needs.


Effective digital handling means we understand Digital in many aspects and effectively utilise various digital platforms to create a bespoke solution.

We believe in not only using the right team and tools for the job, but effectively connecting and working with other digital experts to craft beautifully finished results for our clients. We make sure you’re covered and there is no limitations to your digital growth.

Web Design in Surrey

If you’re in Surrey or its surrounding environs, don’t limit your business by not implementing valuable web solutions, or choose to work with those that do not add consistent value.

Work with Nuttifox and you can be sure that your web presence will be one worth celebrating.

Work with our team of web design experts, brand specialists and creative technology marketers.

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Digital Technology Experts

With experience spanning over 40 years, we bring valuable yet, affordable web resources to bear on your business.

We have mastered the art of crafting winning web solutions tailored to meet your needs while putting your budget first.

No matter the kind of web help you want, our team is primed to deliver to you winning solutions that’ll grow your business.

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