Open source to the core, WooCommerce is a superb platform to build upon. Over the years we’ve developed countless stores into the WordPress platform. From one person operations to large companies, we help scale WooCommerce to your needs.

WooCommerce is the most logical choice for those of you who are already set up on the WordPress platform, have your hosting taken care of, and you don’t mind paying extra for an SSL security certificate. Our developers are well versed in both WordPress and WooCommerce specific development.

With that in mind, WooCommerce is a great choice for more bespoke eCommerce sites with the open source core allowing greater control over building premium functionality.

Theme Development

Crafting themes is what we’re passionate about. As with our WordPress themes, we get excited about creating crowd-pleasing WooCommerce themes. With years of experience in WordPress and HTML5 under the Nuttifox belt, you’re guaranteed a theme that’s responsive, cross-browser and cross-device ready – a custom eCommerce site built for secure, intuitive shopping.


Every eCommerce website should be kept well-oiled to increase the chances of conversions. Naturally, regular maintenance helps prevent the burden of unwanted security issues. We’ll offer continuous improvement in performance and features and give you the peace of mind your storefront is in safe hands.

API Integrations

It’s common for us to integrate third-party systems as a client requirement into WordPress. Nuttifox can smoothly and efficiently integrate a third party API with your WooCommerce store – just let us know the specs and we’ll make it happen.

Visitors to customers

Ultimately, as an online retailer, it’s crucial to create a seamless user-centric experience and convert visitors into customers. Bingo! That’s exactly what we aim to help you do through our eCommerce solutions. Customers who’ve shopped once – will just keep on coming back.