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Who wouldn't want a FREE SEO Audit


Who wouldn't want a FREE SEO Audit - find out all the things that are likely to be impeding your rankings and ultimately - your website's traffic.

SEO Audits are often conducted to first initially surface analyse a websites performance before taking a look at the technical underpinnings of what makes a website work, its construction and ultimately - how Google is likely to perceive your website.

SEO Audits can be, and usually are comprehensive in that they'll highlight all the issues relating to a websites build, speed performance, SEO best practice, content quality, links & general user experience factors like how easy to use your website actually is.

So why do we offer a Free SEO Audit if it gives all the useful information away? well, our SEO audits tend to highlight key issues but the resolution of those issues is an entirely different matter and is something we can offer as part of an SEO campaign. SEO audits give us the opportunity to see how much your website truly needs in order to rank more prominently in organic search - and this is extremely useful as it helps us to give you a more accurate quote for an SEO campaign.

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SEO Audit Tool

SEO audit tools are great for many simple analysis - but most automated SEO tools often look at basic on site factors, they do not delve into all the things that are truly important - things like user engagement, true link quality, average and aggregated bounce rates - all things that most standard SEO score tools cannot do the same as an experienced SEO executive can.

SEO checkers and SEO audit report tools often generate seo analysis reports that cover the basics of technical SEO, from title tag length down to trusty ALT tags - and those things are still viable and need addressing - but, they're not the be-all and end all for achieving ranking growth.

What does our free SEO audit include?

Well, quite a lot as it goes, enough to give you some true and valuable insights direct from Google itself. Our SEO audits typically look at:

  • Google search console data
  • Best vs. non-performing pages
  • Opportunities
  • Website construction
  • Title and description composition
  • CTR (Click through rates)
  • Page & website speed performance
  • Page rendering
  • Crawl performance
  • Cannonicalisation issues
  • Cannibalisation Issues
  • Search engine coverage
  • Top level site structural issues
  • Website construction
  • Content performance analysis
  • Domain metric analysis

What can our SEO analysis be used for?

We provide SEO audits to indicate the amount of work needed to reverse any traffic decline or to move the needle for a lack of ranking / traffic growth. SEO audits give fantastic insight into the scope of work - and they help businesses to make more informed decisions about SEO.

Our free SEO audit can be used to provide general guidance for an SEO strategy, it can also be used by developers to implement fixes - we're always happy to see businesses succeed online.

How long does the audit take?

It depends on our workload, we typically advise 5-7 working days for any website audit or search engines analysis - because we're not using a tool, we invest time into crafting bespoke website audits that are driven by target niche / target keywords.

OK, So I've got the SEO Audit, what next?

Well, we can go on to provide you with a quote for SEO - focusing on a growth in organic traffic, improve conversions, ROI and revenue, drive strong results growth & deliver an SEO campaign that drives strong traffic and rankings growth.

We're passionate about results - if we weren't we wouldn't be offering one of the best FREE SEO audits out there.

Stop using those basic online SEO checker tools - get a proper website analysis from Nuttifox and find out why your not dominating in any search engine like Google!

SEO analysis

If you are looking for more website traffic - use our bespoke SEO analysis and website analysis report - it'll highlight SEO issues and crawl issues that may be holding back your rankings. Gain valuable insights into your website, see what changes would need to be made, understand the fix process and what's required to improve your SEO scores and search engines visibility, understand how Google treats your website and why your keywords are stagnant or why you can't crack those page 1 rankings - or if you have, why you can't get top 3.

Why not use free online website review tools?

Well, they can highlight basic things that need doing, whether it's a H1 tag or a title tag that's not containing your focal keywords - or perhaps a meta description that's too long? let's face it - these are often minor elements, most of which Google can and does overlook.

Professional website checkers are still not as comprehensive as a manual SEO audit conducted by an experienced SEO specialist - many of which are here at Nuttifox!

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