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SEO (search engine optimisation) is the term given to a process of enhancing a website for the end user with the goal of increasing rankings for target queries or keywords. In the UK alone there are over 1 billion searches per month on for over 500 million queries.

Being found in Google above the fold in the top 3 organic is absolutely essential if you want to grow your digital presence. Whether you're selling a product, service or information - if you don’t rank you won’t get traffic (quite simply).

If your business isn’t ranking well organically then it’s time for an SEO strategy to drive your website up the rankings & to significantly increase impressions and clicks. Nuttifox is an established Surrey based SEO agency offering premium digital marketing services that is delivered by SEO strategists & executives who have extensive experience and background in search engine optimisation.

We have a demonstrated portfolio of organic success delivered across a multitude of niches from travel and hospitality to product & eCommerce, food and wine through to estate agencies & more.

Our SEO Overview

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Why is SEO important?

SEO Rank & Visibility

Search Engine Optimisation will help your customers find you, Increase your website rank and it will greatly increase your company awareness long-term.

SEO Competitors

Your competition will be investing in SEO, if you’re not moving forward and improving your position, you’re losing ground to a competitor who is.

Cost-Effective SEO

Compared to other forms of online marketing, SEO is one of the best returns for any company growing their website traffic.

Our SEO Services

We say stop scouring the organic listings for an SEO agency or SEO company in Surrey, instead, let us audit your website, map your competitor landscape and come up with a fully bespoke SEO package that takes into consideration your businesses needs. Our SEO services are extensive, from researching, curating and producing high quality content that ranks through to delivering effective on site and off site SEO.

We take advantage of all organic SEO practices, primarily focusing on the end user, making your website work for your target audience.

We’re results focused, we don’t sleep until your business is in the top 3 in Google organic for your target keywords. We’ll deliver easy to understand SEO reports shaped around your wants and needs from eCommerce performance reporting through to traffic growth and insights - we’ll report on all KPI’s (key performance indicators).

Depending on your business and target audience - we may recommend a nationwide or local SEO campaign. Local SEO takes into account a more localised search marketplace and focuses on building brand trust and coverage in a specific geographic area.

From enhancing your Google My Business profile to brand citations, landing page optimisation and local link building we work to ensure your business is found both prominently in standard search, voice search and local map pack results.

If your business trades without location barriers then we can work on a nationwide SEO campaign.

Free SEO Audit

Our SEO projects begin with a detailed audit, ensuring all of your website’s issues have been identified and prioritised in the correct order to fix.
  • Technical Website Analysis
  • On-site Content Audits
Free SEO Audit
Competitor Research

Competitor Research

Opportunities to improve positions and authority are identified through analysis of the search landscape and key competitor websites.
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Tracking & Measurement (KPI)
  • Keyword Strategy

Technical SEO

By carefully optimising everything from your site’s architecture to its on-page content means that we can ensure that your website is given the best possible chance to rank high the search results.
  • Schema JSON & Microdata
  • Tags, Clean URLs & Redirects
  • Structured Data Validation
  • Compression & Performance
Technical SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO helps businesses promote their products and services to local prospects and customers. To gather information for local search, search engines rely on signals such as local content, social profile pages, links, and citations to provide the most relevant local results to the user.
  • NAP Correction
  • Google My Business
  • Citation Building
  • SEO Reports

Regional SEO Campaigns

Content driven SEO campaigns will build rank, increase your search visibility, you can bring more visitors, and in turn, conversions and sales. And that's well worth the time spent using an expert SEO agency.
  • Backlink Management
  • Industry Specific Guest Posts
  • Link Building
  • SEO Reports
Regional SEO

eCommerce SEO

SEO for eCommerce websites has the power to get you in the top spots of the search results. Finding people ready to buy your products through organic search is one of the most profitable ways to increase sales. There are smart ways to increase search engine visibility for eCommerce websites.
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Optimisation
  • Content Creation
  • Authority and Links
  • eCommerce SEO Reporting

WordPress SEO

On-page and off-page search engine optimisation for WordPress websites to increase website ranking and organic traffic. Our WordPress SEO team will streamline your website and content to deliver results.
  • Site Auditing
  • On-page Optimisation
  • Analytics Set-up
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Technical SEO

Our methodology

Fast Websites Results-Focused

Performance tracked SEO campaigns focused on results.

Website Security SEO Experts

Delivering ethical SEO solutions for over 10 years.

SSL Certificate Organic Traffic

Dedication to increasing your organic traffic & increasing sales.

On-Boarding Best Practice

Only white-hat SEO and best practice to ensure longevity and return on investment.

Backups & Maintenace Proven Results

Top spot case studies to show proven SEO results for existing client keywords and continued growth.

Scaleable Hosting Clear Reporting

Simple, easy to understand reports for clear KPI's on how your SEO campaign is going.

We apply all modern best practices when it comes to optimising a website for a page one position one presence for your business. From extensive keyword research through to content writing, tag optimisation, user engagement optimisation & mobile first improvements - Nuttifox delivers it all.

With a combined experience of over 20 years, Nuttifox has delivered countless SEO campaigns to businesses in and around Surrey, from Guildford to Woking, Farnham to Epsom - it doesn’t matter - in fact, it doesn’t even matter if your business is located elsewhere in the UK, we’re not geo-specific, we deliver search engine optimisation services & digital marketing to businesses across London, the South East of England & the UK.

SEO is a constantly evolving process with multiple disciplines and requirements, from creating landing pages that engage the end user, satisfying their intent & getting them to interact through to domain authority and brand authority building (getting other websites to link to yours driving up trust and authority).

Why Choose Nuttifox as your SEO agency?

We’re highly creative when it comes to planning, researching and executing digital marketing and search engine marketing strategies. We offer unparalleled experience & deliver SEO campaigns that generate real results (more traffic, sales, enquiries and ultimately return on investment).

If you want proven results look no further, we have a large portfolio of rankings where we have achieved number 1 positions in Google and BING and demonstrated traffic growth as a result.

We’ve been increasing website traffic for companies across Surrey and the UK for more than 10 years - if that isn;t enough experience then what is?

We’ve applied best practice, ahead of the curve SEO that takes into consideration all of Google's webmaster guidelines - ensuring you get clean, compliant, white hat SEO which means - it’s fully sustainable.

We’re fully transparent - we know and understand SEO is a commitment, we’re honest and open about the amount of work involved and we set realistic timeframes for implementation and result building. SEO isn’t an overnight process, it takes time, dedication, research and proper implementation to deliver results.

SEO - Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?
SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimisation” and is the definition given to a list of processes used to improve a website's rankings in a search engine for focus keywords. SEO refers to a set of processes that when executed correctly will improve rankings for a website within search engines across the net.
Why is SEO important?
SEO brings organic traffic to your website. This traffic is earned through natural rank because your website offers value to users in the eyes of a search engine. The rewards if done correctly mean lots of relevant free visitors will find your website with the intent to purchase or subscribe to something you offer. This reward comes from investing time and resources into ensuring your website and content offers the most value.

As an SEO strategy becomes more effective, your visibility will increase and with it, traffic and leads, so more potential customers. Because you are not having to pay for this traffic, SEO remains one of the best return on investments for most businesses.

How long does SEO take?
SEO can take weeks, it can take months, in some highly competitive industries it can even take years. How long it takes depends entirely on the website, target keywords, domain authority, brand establishment and over 200 other factors alone.

SEO shouldn’t be cross examined with time-frames in mind for overall delivery, instead, SEO is a progressive channel, delivering traffic growth month by month over time.

Local SEO campaigns tend to take 3-6 months subject to the clients target niche and existing website performance whilst nationwide campaigns can take 6 months +. We highly recommend an SEO audit to ascertain where your website is now, and what we deem to be required to move the needle in terms of organic visibility and traffic.

How does search engine optimisation work?
In principle, SEO works by improving a websites technical composition and landing page content to offer users a good experience. This can involve making websites faster, better structured, easier to use and providing high quality content. Improving a website both on site and off site helps to drive trust.

Search engine optimisation works by making a website better, more relevant & to satisfy the needs of the target audience. Doing this helps Google and other search engines to see that your website is suitable for target audiences and with this in mind, positions organically increase and so does traffic.

Should I go with an SEO service or just use PPC?
A simple question that often brings a more complex answer. PPC is great for a quick traffic turn-around but can often be very expensive and for some businesses is not a sustainable channel on its own.

Ideally a PPC campaign would run alongside an SEO campaign until SEO delivers sustainable traffic volumes negating the need for pay per click.

Every business and its requirements will differ and therefore for that reason, so will its need for SEO/PPC.

What is Local SEO and is that different to Organic SEO?
All search engine optimisation is technically organic. The term local simply limits the efforts to the business positioning well within a target locality. If you operate a company in Surrey and you want to be found prominently by Surrey based searches then you would suit a localised search engine marketing campaign as opposed to a generic (non location specific campaign).

All SEO is the same - just local SEO focuses on a specific geographic area (usually within a radius of the businesses trading location or coverage).

Should I run an E-Mail Marketing or Social Media Campaign at the same time?
E-Mail marketing and social media marketing are complementary channels, like PPC they are other viable methods of generating website traffic, selling products and or services. We can provide these services alongside any SEO campaign that you may require.
Do you guarantee to rank my business at number 1 on Google?
No. Any business that guarantees you rankings should be avoided. Google is independent of any direct influence and therefore for that reason NO company can guarantee number 1 rankings. It’s also worth noting that ranking guarantee based marketing increases your risk of black hat SEO exposure - which violates Google’s webmaster guidelines.
How can you stay on top of our rankings and will we keep them?
We optimise websites to better align with Google’s best practices and algorithm updates. By delivering search engine services built on sustainability, our clients enjoy ranking for MORE keywords for longer. As with all SEO, it’s an ongoing process that requires adaptation as search engine technology and user behaviour evolves.

We adopt everything from rich snippets and SCHEMA to voice search.

How do you do SEO and will it impact how my website looks?
How we do SEO is entirely dependent on the website. Each keyword carries with it its own ranking algorithm and factors. So execution of a campaign is designed around the needs of the end user. Generally we won’t need to change how your website looks unless the design impacts negatively on user experience.

If we need to make any design changes, we’ll always work with you to find the best possible resolution.

Will you do the keyword research to find out what my users are searching for?
Yes, we undertake full query analysis or “keyword research” to find out what your users are searching for, whether its a product or service based search - it doesn’t matter, we’ll identify keywords both on traffic volume, intent and overall relevance and value.

We identify low hanging fruit, long-tail searches i.e. how do I, where can I etc.

Will I get more sales or enquiries as a result?
Yes. We deliver results that translate into new business, whether it involves more people calling your business (we integrate phone call tracking) through to more people filling out your enquiry form or buying more of your products.

Optimise for the right traffic, and the right traffic will perform for your companies offering.

What is link building and do I need it?
Link building is a key part of search optimisation and involves getting other websites to link to yours. Finding high authority, relevant websites is a difficult task, but, it’s something that is essential for building domain authority and trust - it works a lot like a voting system, if Google and other search engines can see a lot of other businesses and websites linking to yours it counts as a vote of trust.

Digital marketing campaigns absolutely require the integration of a high quality link acquisition campaign.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No. Our plans are rolling-monthly, if you wish to cancel we just need 30 days notice and there are no hidden fee's.

OK, I am ready to choose Nuttifox as my Surrey SEO Company...

Simply fill out our enquiry form or give us a call. Over a phone call, one of our SEO experts can talk you through a campaign using plain and simple English - we don’t bamboozle clients with terminology and phrases that they can’t understand.

We’ll provide a clear overview and digital strategy for your business so you can get back to the other things important to your business and onward growth.

Leave us to deal with your search engine optimisation & to deliver an exceptional, 5* digital marketing strategy that will leave your phone ringing off the hook & your e-mail inbox full of new enquiries and sales.

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